Monday, February 18, 2008

Justa taking way to much medicine!

image Ok, so I've been on the computer too much lately. I really have been. My Librarian (Hello Barb) has a whole bunch of books lined up for me to read. I still have about 10 left from my last shipment. They are all excellent reads. James Patterson,Jack Higgens, Daniel Silva,Dean Koontz, Catherine Coltier, just to name a few. I promise Barb I'll start reading again. I was so anal about reading when you first gave me them, I think I read about 15 of them in about 2 weeks wasn't it? Oh and by the way your charging me way to much for them.(She gives them to me)

Amanda, Cindy tells me you read the blog everyday. Thanks for that, it's nice to know that I'm not just whistling in the wind. As you've read, I'm still just experimenting and learning all kinds of things I hope to get some worthwhile content going soon and if you have any ideas or anything you would like researched just let me know as, I have lots of time and would be more than glad to look up different resources. I hope your feeling better soon, being sick is no fun. Jeff tells me we're invited over for a movie night again. I'm glad momma's behavior the last time we were there didn't shut the door on future movie nights. We just got about 5 or 6 new Dvd's so let us know when.

My next "have to leave the house" isn't till Friday(Chiropractor), however I was talking to Indy a while ago and he suggested a ride in the car would be nice. So I believe we will go to Dunkin Donuts and get a coffee. I've been buying Indy donut holes the last few times I've been, he loves them.(Jeff, could he be a police dog?) Tom, I got a hold of Natalie last night and we are mailing her a picture of the John website so she could see what I'm talking about for a caricature for the heading on the website. I really like the one she did of you. Something along those lines would be awesome. Just think Natalie would be the head of graphics for all Justakrusen enterprises going forward. Hey, You never know.

I hate to bring up this subject but it has gotten out of hand and I have no choice. Effective immediately there will be a $5.00 per event "Lurking Charge" for not commenting on a post that you read. This can be paid either by credit card or cash, (as I don't trust any of you with a check,Your family remember). It's necessary for me to institute this charge because, well, because, because, well because that's why. So check your mail boxes and remit payment within 10 days or there will be a 10% late fee assessed. Thank you in advance for you compliance, it will make family functions a little less stressful if I don't have to bring it up there.

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