Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Justa Missed a Birthday!!

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I just got a return call from Adrianne on my cell phone a little while ago. I wanted to bring her attention to my post about the Partaaaa later this spring. So I picked up the phone and my little girlie says,"Hey,(She always says that) how's it going?" After exchanging salutations she asked me if "anything special happened last Saturday?" I tell her "not that I'm aware of". Refer to picture of me up above. It appears, I forgot one of the happiest days of my life! Yep, 26 years ago We first exposed the world to Adrianne Alice Krusen. She has in the last year or so (see can't remember your wedding day either) dropped the Krusen to match the last name of her life mate and husband Josh.When wife #1(Dianne) told me that we were going to be adding a member to the family I was to say the least ecstatic. I started playing Paul Ankas's "Your having my baby"all the time.I'm trying to find a way to blame Cindy for me forgetting Adrianne's birthday. Isn't it the wife's job to remind the husband? I'm going to do a post down the road a piece on those years of being a long distance dad and the effect it has on dads and kids relationship.(It is excellent now)

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Anonymous said...

WOW...you ...hmmm.. trying to keep it clean...wow...messed just doesn't do it justice...wow you screwed up...i can tell you though blaming the wife may be a good short term solution but in the longrun...just take it on the chin...it what we men do..not to say i ever forgotten my childrens birthdays...step kids..well that is another story...on the brite side if you forgot so did cindy...man forget a stepchilds birthday...wow ...she screwed up...ya go with that...thanks for the vine