Thursday, February 21, 2008

Justa Quickie!!

I first saw him when I was in college. We met through one of those computer services and I was told he was generous and the type who would be there whenever I needed him.

“He was very bright and a real card, but my friends warned me he was nothing but plastic. Nevertheless, we began to go everywhere together … C.C. bought me dinners, jewelry, expensive clothes — almost everything I desired!

“A month later I met Bill, who was waiting for me when I went to pick up my mail. He seemed nice at first, but when I asked him what his interests were he said 21.6% … It was evident that all he was after was my money. To make matters worse, Bill said C.C. would never go out with me again if I didn`t pay — the two had their little trick planned all along.”

Adapted from: American Greetings (found online somewhere)
Posted by Dawn over at frugalforlife          

I'm getting ready for my trip out to Rochester(For lunch with my Little Girlie). Just wanted to share a little humor to start the day. Will post later after my trip. "Seize the Day!"

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Anonymous said...

carpa deum...ya seize the day...i think that is from "Dead Poets Socity" a classic..."my captain , my captain"...hey did you hear that Monica Lawinsky is turning seems like it was just yesterday when she was crawling around on the oval office rug putting things in her they grow...she nprobably still hasn't washed that dress...hope your dinner with the little girl goes or went's funny no matter how big they get they are always going to be the little girl...well voted on the big's like am i going to get hit with a bat or a 2x4...hmmm..well thanks for the vine