Sunday, February 17, 2008

Justa Picking on Friends and Relatives!!

image Just wanted to say watch out Pete, Jeff might be out working today. Jeff this guy does look quite a bit like you,don't you think? Melanie, is this the cop that gave you the ticket for your Demolition Derby in your parking lot?

image And here I am on the way to the gym. I don't really need to go but, It gives me something to do. I didn't know that Cindy was behind me at the light.

image_thumb[7]We went to breakfast this morning with Tom & Sherri. We went to Larkins again. That is an awesome place to eat Thanks for breakfast guys. With relatives like this who needs friends right?I actually have started to lose some weight again. I was down to 278lbs before we went to breakfast. Still a ways to go. I started at 294lbs this time around. Before I had gotten hurt I was down to 255. Like anything I have my good and bad days.

Momma told me I was using too many pictures in my post. So that puts an end to that. She is so mean to me. If any one out there is looking for a really good read and an excellent source on blogging click this link here It is beyond the shadow of a doubt the best resource and explanation of blogging on the web. In my humble opinion of course.

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