Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Justa Brain Storming! Or was it only flurries !!!



I've been thinking more about what I'm going to be doing with my own money that our Uncle is going to be mailing to me this spring: These are if Momma approves of course. This assumes $1,200.

  • Go out to a really nice restaurant with friends and family and just secure a nice private room where we can all relax and talk and not get chased out until we are ready to leave. (My questimate would be about $50.00 per couple that each of us would have to pay,more if we wanted to package that with a room) I was thinking along the lines of we could set up the Karoke machine and really make a fun evening of it. If you all like the idea check back by way of comments below or phone us. This would be a good way to have your $5.00 lurking fee waved.

  • Put $500.00 into an ING Savings account which you can link to here.

  • The balance, which I won't know what that is until the meal idea above is figured out, goes into our savings account at the bank.                        

These are things that I hope to do with my found money. I'm sure you guys have different things you would or will do with the money. Any ideas let us all know by leaving a comment below.(There he goes with that comment thing again)

This way we would be stimulating the economy like our Uncle hopes will happen, and In mine and Cindy's case allow us to build up our savings accounts. It's also a way for us all to go out for a neat night on the town without breaking our piggy banks.


Just like they said in the song "Money for nothing, Checks for free." by Dire Straits.

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Anonymous said...

wow the dinner thing sounds cool...sher and i did the ramada escape for V-day...it was great...we had a bottle of wine with dinner...we talked and were not rushed...and when we were done we went to our room...i will leave out these details and scurry on to our wake up....check out was 12 so we had breakfast, and they have a buffet...ate and drank coffee or soda for the missus...it was cool no clock no distractions....maybe that is what i would with some of my cash....but i will probably pay down bills...this new contract is a tough pill...like our political canidates...lesser of two evils....better than a sharp stick in the eye...well i must ponder ...would like to spend it on the wife....thaqt would be cool....thanks for the vine