Saturday, February 16, 2008

Justa some meandering thoughts.

image Ok how much did you end up spending on Valentines day? Be honest. See way too much huh? I ended up  spending about $8.00 on a little teddy bear to go with the poem I wrote for Cindy. So I did capitulate and spend some money, but Hallmark never got any. On the spend money front. We've been eating out a lot again Thursday & Friday lunches at Subway. Thursday only cost us $6 something because we had a coupon for 1 free 6" sub when you  buy one. But Friday went back got the same meal(different sub) and it cost about $12 something. Then tonight momma stopped and got pizza and wings on the way home and it came to $24.80. Then we went and shopped at Wegmans and spent $85.00. Man I'm glad I don't gamble, drink, smoke or vote for Democrats. I've mentioned before that we like to eat out and it is one of the vices that we account for in the budget. However look at all the money we could be saving.


                                                                                                image It' amazing all the ways they're are to make money on the internet. I haven't even attempted to absorb them as It just isn't time to yet. I am having a riot writing this though. Hey another neat blog to answer a lot of neat questions Is this one check it out. Momma put her foot down. She is going to make breakfast at home today. She must have been looking over my shoulder when I was writing down the expenses above. As I'm finishing up this post the Drama Queen and Momma are still sleeping and it's 09:32am. I wish I could sleep in like that. I get my 4 or 5 hrs then I'm good to go until my afternoon nap.

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