Friday, March 21, 2008

Justa hanging it all out for all to see! Hmmm.Don't let your mind wander to much!!

Smuckers Fudge topping$1.49
Milk 2% 1/2 gal$1.78
Lemons $0.59 each (2)$1.18
Toilet Paper (Package of 4) Really thin paper$0.99
Cat food soft $0.25 each (4)$1.00
Bagel (Plain) Theodore's brand (6 in pkg)$1.39
Ice Cream Vanilla (low fat) 1/2 gal$1.99
100% vegetable Juice( 64oz's)$1.99
12 items total$11.81
Tax 8.00%$00.16
Total Grocery bill for Wed's March 19th 2008$11.97

Save A Lot Food Prices: As of March 19th 2008.This is going to be a super long post today. Lot's of info you might want to book mark it and come back to it later.

Now looking at this list of stuff ,your probably saying "Man Mark you and Cindy sure are eating high on the hog":) Heck it even looks like the cat is eating better than us. This is something we are working on balancing. We have been cleaning out our freezer and cupboard of stuff that has been in there a while,and just buying the stuff like milk, breads, toilet paper, and juices. Oh yeah we even tossed in some ice cream and a topping. Rather than run down the inventory we hope to mix in some fresh food purchases every other meal or so by planning a menu ahead for three days at a time between trips to the store and using what we have on hand. Stay tuned we'll try to journal it here.

I've, for some reason decided to post our grocery purchases for the bi weekly grocery trip. Every time we go to the Grocery store I'll post it either on this site or the other one over at the Wordpress site. (See blogroll on right sidebar). Cindy and I used to spend $80.00 per week for groceries and then another $300.00 some months for eating out. We're working on cutting back on eating out!

Now as we head down this journey to frugality(some people may call it being cheap) I'll try to map out what Cindy and I have done to either save money, or make some should that ever happen.(Beyond our daily job's).So far I've made $0.18 outside my regular job since I've been out of work. Since we started this a couple of weeks ago we have been able to give to the Church 10% of our take home pay,and give to ourselves (save) 10%. In the first pay period with our new spending mind set. We either gave to the church or saved $210.00. Not bad for a start. Some unexpected bills have come up that we haven't had time to save for in the budget. Money will be tight until our next paydays in 6 days. We should be able to just squeak by.

"Well Mark" you say. I'm not going to drive all the way up to Fulton to shop at Save A lot. Or "we do all our shopping at Wegmans", or P&C or any other one will do. Don't get me wrong. Save A Lot doesn't have everything your going to want to or need to buy. But they do have a lot of it. For some stuff Momma and I go to Walmart, or Price shopper(Because of the Advantage fuel card).I'm going to address a couple of your concerns here. First,"it will cost too much to drive to Fulton".

When we get ready to go to the store if we need gas I go on to this site and see what the price of gas is in the area I'm going to go in to shop that day, now if I need gas and the least expensive gas for the day is in the area We are going to, I'll buy it.Now as to the store we go to. Be it Save A lot or Price Chopper or Walmart. Now for us that New Walmart going up in Fulton was one of the best things in the world for us frugal (cheap) wanna be's.All 3 of those stores are within about a 3 mile radius of each other. I know, I know "I ain't shopping at Walmart" they buy everything from China. I used to have that attitude to, until I just decided that when in Rome do as the Romans do.It's a world economy. To compete we have to be lean and mean and productive. Then and only then will we compete on a World wide basis. Granted we lead in some areas, but in others we trail way behind the rest of the World.

Let's just say you live in Liverpool or the Bayberry area. Let's also say "My tank is almost mty I want to fuel at the absolute cheapest place I can fuel at. Ok here is what it's going to cost you to do that. $190.41. Am I the king of frugal or what? No I just showed you what it would cost you to drive to:

Sunny's Corner Store

8311 Spring Ridge Texas Line Rd

Keithville Ga Phone # if you should wish to call and check 318-424-7753

It's only 1421 miles away and will only take you aprox 22 hrs to get there if you can average 65 mph and not sleep on the way down. This assumes you get at least 25 mpg with your car and that you only paid $3.35 per gal average for your fuel all the way down. Yesterday,it was the cheapest place in America to buy gas.

Now I'm going to close this post early today because I hear a lot of slamming doors outside my office here. It's either people leaving to drive down to Keithville for that cheap gas. Or maybe its the men in the white coats. Yeah, that's it. It's probably those guys again. Hope to see ya tomorrow we'll continue this discussion and hopefully put a cap on the gas buying secrets in the Greater Syracuse area. I'm justa saying! Update: I went ahead and posted more information on a local bent to the gas prices on my post over at check it out if you have time. I think you'll find it interesting. Also look at the high price on the Syracuse Gas price link in the sidebar on the right. How would you like to be that guys customer?

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