Sunday, March 16, 2008

Justa picture this!

image Photo courtesy of Ronray at

Just look at that sun shining off the water. and the ripple of the waves and the sand. I don't really see anything else to point out do you? Nothing really jumps off the page. I'll have to study the picture more to see if I can extract more from it.:) Ok maybe there is a little of something else to look at. Yeah there it is. Is that an Island way out in the distance. I'm kind of tired this morning as I do this post. I had a battle of wits with an Atheist yesterday. Unfortunately, he came unarmed. I would link to his site, but I don't even want him to get 1 hit from this site. I was signed up to his feed because he had some good content. However the way he handled the discussion has convinced me to cancel that.

Cindy saw this picture and wanted to know why I needed to put it on here. I asked her what she had against sunsets and rippling water? I also told her I liked the way the wet sand showed a reflection of the water. I enjoy the beauty of nature. Excusssssse me. Ok maybe I'm missing something. Cindy is pretty upset. There must be something I'm missing in the picture. Could someone please point out to me what I'm missing? Jackofall58 your usually quite observant,please bail me out and tell me what I'm missing.

That ladyinRed gal is going to chew me a new, you know what? I'm still trying to make heads or tails of her math on the Speaking of pictures. If you would like to see a picture of Momma that is quite a bit different than the last one I posted. you can go to this page click here and see a picture of a proud Momma on her son's wedding day. I cropped this Photo. Those of you that know Cindy might recognize this one better than the first one I put up.

For you ladies that are now so up set with me.I'll show you a true picture of me that Momma took when we were out on a walk. We'll see if you'll understand a little bit more about me after seeing it. According to Momma it's one of her most favorite pictures of me that she ever took. Here it is those of you who really know me, is this a really good picture of me or what? I'm justa asking?

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mommy101 said...

hey justa that is the besta picture I have ever seen of you in a long

Anonymous said...

yes...i agree that photo has some lovely did say ripples...and a very nice set er ah...sun set ...ya thats the ticket....i thought that it also made me hot...hmmm ..must be the tropical water....
ever wonder why men play stupid when admiring a ah...sunset??? why is that...just because we enjoy the view doesn't mean were going to move....i mean there are so many beautiful sunsets...we have our favorate sun set and that view we will charish forever...but do we never look at another???i know where my loyalties you?? i think it a matter of insecurity...if i look at other sunsets maybe i will find one that makes me happier...come on...i knew the day i gazed my eyes on my favorate was search for my perfect sunset had i can admire sunsets with a new respest...they are beautiful views of nature...and are you sure you said ripples???oh well...the photo of you is perfect too....i never knew we look so much alike...thanks for the vine

Mark said...

We'll thanks for the compliment Mommy 101.I'm glad she got me after I had combed my hair. And Jackofall58 the likeness is amazing as I look at photos of you and I side by side. This one that Momma captured of me I believe was on the way over to your house for a Thanksgiving dinner.