Saturday, March 22, 2008

Justa working together

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I've been working out this post for a long time in my mind. Here goes I hope I don't blow it. For those of you that have been reading this blog from the beginning and probably a lot of you that have joined in somewhere else along the line know, I've been harping on commenting. I've tried to use humor, cajoling and just about everything else I could to get people to comment. The Number one commenter up to date has been my brother in Law. Who shall rename nameless until I get his permission to use his name here. He has had many of funny, interesting, thought provoking and down right entertaining comments. I don't believe he will win any spelling bee's but... If I didn't have spell check I would read like Rain Man on Steroids. There's been one of my Sister in Law's that has attempted to engage in a few written battles with me. The problem is that from time to time she comes to the battle "unarmed" if you know what I mean?:)

Momma has snuck in from time to time with a guest post or a what she thinks is a "secret" code name that nobody will know. But we all do, don't we? Lady in Red 1953. I wish I could put thoughts down on paper half as good as Cindy. Heck I'd have a couple of books written by now.:) Momma has assured me that she will guest post from time to time and hopefully pretty soon so that I can rest my weary bones. Plus it would be a treat for all of us, as she is very good at getting right to the heart of the matter.(Insert hugs and kisses here).

You know what? As I think of it here are some guest post from momma here and here so wouldn't it be nice to see momma jump in from time to time. And another guest poster has been The Lime Green Drama Queen that was a lot of fun doing wasn't it Ms.Queen. She too has promised a Solo guest post coming up.

What I'm getting at and maybe some of you see it coming is that EVERYONE has something to contribute. Maybe an Idea for a place to shop will come to you, or you know what the sale day is of a gas station near you is, or just maybe you,like a lot of people would like to get on here and Justa rail on me for a postion I've taken or something I have done that bugs you. It doesn't matter. Engage in a conversation and maybe as times get tougher ahead we can all help each other get through it. Maybe we can lift a hand up, instead of a hand out! Or another thing if anyone would like to guest post drop me an email at and we'll see about making that happen. I know a lot of you have a life time of experience that you could share. Heck some of you are teachers, Policemen, Social Workers, Nurses,Social Workers, and some  Clean houses for a living, work in factories, hook up our T.V.(Whoray!) can you see? We can all contribute. Let's climb out of those comfort zones and engage. There is no time like the present. So in closing I just want to leave you with this site until next time. Wouldn't it be neat to be part of a community of 40,000 readers like they have over there? I'm justa saying!

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ladyinred1953 said...

Okay, here is a comment.
You bring up a good point, it is easy to read and keep on going, it is a little more commitment to write a comment. It is hard for me to get a train of thought- I am a thinker. Life is full of moments that would be cool to get onto a blog, but then when life is going too fast, the reading of the blog is where I end it. I love what you are offering, you are so open, so honest. My lack of commenting is not a reflection on my thorough enjoyment of reading this. Thanks
for this opportunity. Cindy