Thursday, March 20, 2008

Im Justa NY Yankee fan. Always have been, always will be!

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I've always been a fan of the New York Yankees. As far back as I can remember,(which on some days is only about 5 mins) I would be following the Yankees on my little transistor radio. It fit in the palm of my hand. I'd lay out in the yard and set it down on the grass next to me. I'd here of Mickey and Roger and Tony Kubek,then up through the years to Yogi and Whitey,then to Mel,then in slipped Mickey Rivers,then Thurman,Derek, Arod,and on and on and on. The names aren't in order, the list isn't complete. It doesn't really matter. When you were in the dugout you were a Yankee. "Once a Yankee always a Yankee" I was there when they lost a lot. And I've been there when they've  won a lot. The feeling of triumph is better than defeat for sure. But win or lose. I'll always be "Justa another Yankee fan".

We've come a long way from those days of scratchy, hissing coverage, barely being able to make out the announcers voices. Hanging on every pitch, exalting in the wins and saying "wait till tomorrow" with the losses. Today we have 24/7 Coverage. Why heck we even get to delve in to they're personal lives. We spend hundreds of dollars on hats, bats, gloves,balls,with names on them like Jeter, Arod,Jorge,Joba...If your so inclined you can watch every single game either on cable or subscribe to the feed through Major league baseball to never miss a game no matter what city it's in. Games sometimes go into the 3 hrs plus range.Who's got 3 hrs to sit in front of a boob tube and watch baseball. Now a days no one does. But oh man it sure feels good when you do every so often get to get a few innings in doesn't it?  I can't help it I'm Justa Yankee fan!

What got me thinking about the Yankees again, besides it being Spring training was this article here. All teams do this. But there is just something about it being the NY Yankees! The history,pressure and rewards for being a Yankee and even a Yankee fan are alive and well. Every  since that first team stepped onto that grassy field years ago the team was destined to shine,and be special. Love em or hate em they are "The New York Yankees" I'm justa saying!

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