Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm justa having a dilemma here

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If you read yesterday's post. You did read yesterday's post? You didn't! Go ahead we'll wait... Ok now, welcome back.As I was saying in the post towards the end I mentioned an issue I had with Mr. O'rielly. I hope you read it,I won't repeat it here. I, like any red blooded American male would do when outraged, fired off an email to Bill at Fox News .com. I sent it once then realized I had made a mistake on it, so I sent another one. Well on the 2nd one I believe I forgot to put my full name on it. It appears that to be awarded the "Pinhead of the day" award you have to have your full name and City. Phew, all that to get to the dilemma.My dilemma is this, Should I try to send it a third time with all the correct information or should I just let it ride? Please let me know via of a comment as I won't sleep until this decision is made.:)

Come on now don't leave me hanging! What should I do? Our new Governor is a pretty smart man. He threw his trash out before the Garbage man came.(Bill,I am not calling you a garbage man.) He sounds like the real deal. Let's give him a chance and see what he can do. After all if anyone can motivate our legislature to pass a budget on time, for the first time in,well, forever... Today's post is going to be short. Is that cheers I hear in the background? I've been burning both ends of the candle, and it's time to recharge. Thanks again for stopping by. Oh, I almost forgot. I added a link on the other interesting read section on the side bar on Gas prices. A lot of information there,go check it out. I'm Justa saying...


Melanie said...

I would say leave it alone....let sleeping dogs lie so to speak, another letter might tell them you are a little on the nutty side and we all know you are far from that. If big Bill wants to find you he will....hey maybe your letter will make the show then Justa will be a star.....hey enjoy the recharge.....melanie

Mark said...

It feels so wrong letting him off the hook.But my 8th favorite sister in law said to do it, so I will follow her advice,After all I don't think the whole country is quite ready for Justakrusen are they?