Sunday, March 2, 2008

Justa Drama Queen Returns.

Warning!!! Warning!!!! Content on this post my not be suitable for all age groups!! Proceed at own risk. You may be bored to tears, you may be lead to cheers, you might be lead to laugh, you might be lead to cry,and if any of the preceding warnings hit close to home, we wouldn't blame you if from the site you wanted to Roam.

image That's right folks. I the "Lime Green Drama Queen" hath returned! I have been sent by my loving Dad to the gates of Purgatory. In another words I'm with my Uncle Mark and Aunt Cindy. Uncle Mark is the Hell part of this situation and Aunt Cindy is the Heaven part.

Now really Courtney calling me the Hell part is a little extreme don't you think?image No! Any whooo. We are being blessed by the presence of the Lime Green Drama Queen. Yes Courtney my 5th favorite niece is here for the weekend again. What did I do to deserve this? Really though, Courtney is a lot of fun to be around. (Especially when she is sleeping.)

By the way 10th favorite Uncle, I just vamped you.image Sometimes he can be ok. And I think most of the times he's been ok, is when he's sleeping also. It get's really quiet and doesn't happen enough.

We, Uncle Mark and myself, have agreed to move on from our smashing and bashing, to a more positive informative and entertaining post.

So here we go. ok here we go. Ummm here we go. No really, here we go. image We have enjoyed picking on each other, haven't we? Yes,that does seem to be what we do best. However we have collaborated on this post and despite our extreme distaste for each other. We are from time to time able to spend 5 minutes in the same room together without throwing anything. So since it is late at night, and the fact that our creative juices have dried up, And we have bored everyone to tears, I thing we should end this post now, and let every one off the hook here. I agree!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow I am such a good writter!!!!!!!
The "Lime Green Drama Queen"