Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Not justa nother rant!

image Hmmmm. I have a relative named Tom. I wonder if this is his station.I mean after all I am suing him for pain and suffering on another issue. Maybe this is his way to raise funds should he lose that case.

I'm going to talk a little bit about gas prices again today if you don't mind. (I know I told you there would be a McDonald's Franchise discussion here today.) But I got to thinking about it and I figured that anyone reading this blog probably isn't coming here to learn about how to buy a franchise. I know I don't have $250,000 just laying around. I mean really do you think I work at Magna or something? That's what it would cost me and you too, for a down payment on a Ronald McDonald restaurant. So let's move back over to something we do all spend money on, Gas.

I'm talking about the kind you put in your car. Not the kind left behind after a big St. Patties day party.Some of you know that I have a "do not forward" policy on emails I get those that tell me to "forward this to just 10 of your friends." That being said I'm sure many of you have been getting an email about how to save money pumping your gas in the morning, Fumes build up in the tanks at the gas stations as the air out side gets warmer. In other words you won't be getting all the gas that the meters are displaying. A lot of you got the email that I forwarded to you and it has the whole story on that. It's well worth the read. If your saying "What?" I didn't get no email! Then you need to send me your email. I'll forward it over to you. It's well worth reading, it will save you some money and open your eyes.

Now where did I put my Bear Stearns stock portfolio? Phew... I didn't have any. Good thing I got lucky on that one. I don't feel so lucky though, gas prices have gone up 35% and food prices are well on the way. (Who did you think was going to pay those higher Diesel prices?)The trucking companies have to pass the cost on. Hang on folks, it's going to get even tighter. It's belt tightening time for all of us. I think I have 1 hole left in mine I can tighten. After that I'll have to get the hole bunch out and make a couple more holes. Hey Tom can you lower the price of regular gas down to maybe a hand instead of the whole arm?

I mean really Tom, I've already given my leg, my first born lives 2hrs away in Rochester. Ok, Ok, I'll drop the lawsuit. Just give me back my low gas prices please. I'm going to close with a little story. My wife and I were watching Bill O'rielly on the Fox channel last night. Most of the time I agree with Bill on most of the issue's but last night I had to take issue with something his show does that bugs the heck out of me. Have you ever noticed how when they are trying to get an interview from someone, and the person they're trying to interview is all but running away? It eventually comes back to Bill on the set with this look of utter disdain. As if to say "how dare them to not talk to my producers". Well William, if the proverbial shoe was on the other foot, would you stand there with a smile,and a "yeah sure I'll be glad to talk to you"or, would you do like any reasonable person trying to get from point A to B continue to walk and try to ignore the microphone stuck half way up your nostril. I'm justa saying!

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ladyinred1953 said...

The fuel prices are here to stay, and someday we will look back and say "Remember when gas was ONLY $3.39 a gallon"? We need to all do our parts to help conserve gas. It is a vicious circle, any goods in the USA are going to rise related to the cost of delivering products. So the gas delivery costs rise the costs of the gas, the groceries, clothing, everything costs more becaue it costs more for the suppliers. I am getting dizzy in this vicious circle we are in.
Probably promoting a drive thru at a McDonalds would be defeating the purpose, I do not see too many walkers going to McDonalds! So , phew, no McDaonalds Franchise.
I have a car with the potential to save quite a bit on fuel. The Hybrid, if you go slow, gets about 37.9 miles per gallon, and if you go really slow, (like 15 mph) it would be only running on electric- so the fuel would last for a long time. Everyone would be giving me jestures to bid me a fond farwell, but I could wave as I pass them while they pump their gas.I am justasaying....

Mark said...

LadyinRed1953,Welcome back,and thanks for commenting.Ah, looking back at Gas prices. Back in 1953, when I was born. Gas prices in Southern Florida, which was in the middle of a Gas war, was a budget busting $.011 a gal. Oh those were the days weren't they.How nice would that be to maybe 1 day a month have a "back to the 50's" day at the gas station. Heck I bet we'd be the only one's in line! :)LadyinRed what are you doing sitting in the parking lot at McDonald's counting people that walk into the Restaurant?I laughed my butt off,well not all the way off, at the picture of you with a "I read Justakruen" bumper sticker on your car speeding down 690 at a whopping 15 mph.I too,am Justa saying...