Sunday, March 23, 2008

Justa saving that grocery money!

2% milk 1/2 gal $1.78
Ultra fabric Softner 32oz $1.99
Tortita nacho chips 16oz $0.99
Grissom Wheat bread 1lb $1.19
Birdeye Pepper Stir Fry 16oz $1.79
Honey Puff Ceral 18oz $1.89
Save a lot brand Chicken Noodle soup 18.6 oz $1.49
Chunk Beef soup 18.8oz $1.49 each (2) $2.98
Diced Tomato's Garlic seasoned 14.5 oz $0.49 ea(3) $1.47
Chili with beans Save a lot brand 15 oz $0.79
Chili with out beans Save A lot brand 15 oz $0.99
Bones Chicken Breast 21/2 lbs $2.34per lb $5.86
Fresh packaged Ground beef 2.25 lbs purchased  
after 8:00pm additional $2.00 off $2.48
14 disposable ladies razors $0.99
Cat food 5.5 oz special blend turkey can (3)$0.25 $0.75
Kidney beans canned 15oz $.044ea(3) $1.32
Gala apples in a bag 3lb $1.99
Banana's $0.44 a lb 1.88lbs $0.83
3 bags lettuce 1lb each $0.89 $2.67
2 bags Sugar free candy $.0.99 per $1.98
2 bags Peanut butter cups candy $0.99 per $1.98
32 Items  
Total $38.20
Plus 8% tax on $7.69 value $0.62
Total bill $38.82

This was our grocery bill for Friday night March 21 2008 We actually got some food for us this time. No we're not starving the pets.:) We had plenty of food left for them. The cat food should just make it to Tuesday's trip to the store. Hey look we didn't give any money to Wally World this week. We were able to do all our shopping at Save A Lot. Heck Momma and I even went over to Dunkin Donut's in Fulton for coffee. Are we justa splurging or what. We went to our traditional (every Saturday) breakfast again yesterday. This week the Mayor and his wife(Shawn & Pat) were our victims. They had to sit there and listen to "the world according to Mark". Could you imagine having to sit somewhere with me for an hour or so at a table with no way to escape? :) Hey that will teach you Mr Mayor. You need to get more than one friend.


Aaron the Truck Driver said...

Hey, thanks for the link Justakrusen!

coupdecoeur said...

a small mark at the time of my passage on your very beautiful blog!
thanks for making us share your moments
you have a translation of my English space!
cordially from France
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