Saturday, March 15, 2008

Justa Retirement story.

image I think he's counting the number of friends he has now. I know I'm not exactly on the leading edge of this story, but it's the tail end I'm really thinking about.

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imageHe has some major decisions

to make now doesn't he? I don't think Elliot has to worry about money right now. He has to make sure his supply of Soap on a rope is full, if you know what I mean? As that great Philosopher Earl Pitts says "Wake up America". I don't know where you are in life right now. But the time to think about retirement is yesterday!! (That was a wake up call to myself) I'm 54 going on 70. (Not really except for my leg I'm feeling pretty good) I don't have a little nest egg waiting for me or even building up as we speak.

Be patient I'll get to the point here I hope. I was talking to my Mortgage lady Tracy check out her website here the other day. It appears that because of my current state of affairs.My leg situation.That I am Persona Non Grata as it relates to the meager contribution I make to the family financial coffers. In English, It don't count. That's right, the whopping $400.00 per week that Workmen's comp pay's me to hurry up and wait, Will not for all intents and purposes count a whole lot in the final determination of our ability and willingness to pay our Mortgage.

That being said. $400.00 is not chump change (after all it keeps me supplied in bon bon's and tissue when I sit around watching soaps). Because the powers that be, the Grand Marshals of finance, in other words the Banks, can't use my income as a guide for ability to pay because there is no guarantee of that said income. Whew!! Now back to Elliot, A week ago he had a reasonable "guarantee" of a check every so often from us fine folks in Ny.That "guarantee" is now gone. Don't cry to much for him, I believe he'll scrape buy.(Money wise anyway)

So in a very around about way. What I'm saying is as some of you already know and many are finding out. DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED. Because we never know what is going to happen do we? Save when times are good, so that when things come crashing down around you image your prepared. Wow, look at the stat counter in the upper right. Some one from Bulgaria happened across the blog. Welcome.Thanks for stopping by. I justa put the new stat counter in yesterday. The other stat counter is still on the bottom right. It's pretty neat to see the number's rise. Thanks to everyone for stopping by and reading. I'm Justa saying!


ladyinred1953 said...

I do not believe I feel any pitty for "Mr. Spitz"- I think he kinda knew what he was doing at the Emeriors Club. I am not thinking it was a set up and someone wanted to blow his career. So "Mr. Spitz"-you may get out of a prison term, but the prison you have placed yourself in morally will not go away. And your poor family- that is who I feel for.
His wife looked anything but in go-go land over him. Why put a wife through that public appearance? Has she not been through enough? This is between her nad her husband where to go now, and we should leave her alone, let her soul search and find the answers without the cameras and microphones. Life is so unpredictable-- be smart, be safe and be considerate of others.

Mark said...

LadyinRed, I was going to let your comment lie. However I just couldn't. I don't believe it was Mr. Spitzer's career that was blown. I believe it was something else. This is what caused the loss of his career.I'm justa saying.

Anonymous said...

wow... i was waiting for some elliot stuff...first off $4,300 dollars...o-my-GOD..what can posibably be so great that he would pay $4,300 dolars??? i mean does he get a parting gift...after dinner carwash??? did the rich get so rich???and stupid???...and now the call girl's court appointed threatening to sue, for published photos..."she is not a public have no right" come on jack she is a ho...i woman who has cast all morality aside and sold her body for sex...i think that makes her pretty public!!!...on top of the her music downloads have gone from 8 cents to 98 cents per download...she gets last count this week she has made over $1,000,000....not bad for a nights ah...and under the scrutiny of the govenour...haha...i guess that elliot is experiancing what we like to call hind's 20/20 you know...ya i bet he wishes he took matters into his own hands if you know what i mean...cheaper and easier to explain to the spouse...and as for his wife...i am sure as a corprate lawyer she will be just fine...and we really don't know just how nieve she really is or was...time will tell....thanks for the vine

Mark said...

Jackofall08, Speaking of suing someone. In your mailbox at home, you'd better be looking for a letter from my lawyer.It will be a lawsuit that I'm instituting for the repair and healing of my pulled stomach muscle's from laughing so hard at your comments.I've let it slide in the past.The co payment charge on my visit to the Dr's office has gotten beyond my ability to budget properly. So as is the Great American way. I intend to Sue you. I'm justa saying!