Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Not justa nother bagel shop

bagelicious business card I stopped at Bagelicious  at Bayberry Plaza in Liverpool, Ny yesterday. I was a good boy I only bought a coffee. I hadn't been in to Bagelicious in a long time. After I got my coffee, Rich the owner and I got to talking ,and he told me that he had sold the place back in October of last year. (I hadn't known that, I guess it was a while since I had been there.)He said he was holding the note for the guy trying to buy it from him. The guy ran it into the ground and had Rich not jumped back in around December, there would have been nothing to rescue. This is a shame. Rich had built up one heck of a business and was the place to come to. Him and his wife Peg and various other family members made you feel like family when you came in. Heck, I was in the hospital for Colon surgery a few years back and Rich & Peg sent flowers up to my room. When Cindy had surgery, they sent her a plant. Let's see Bruegers Bagels or Star bucks do that.

I remember  going in on a Saturday or a Sunday after Church, getting a Cheese and Broccoli Omelette and Italian toast. He cooks all the meals in frying pans on 2 burner units. Cindy loves his pancakes. His bagels are the softest bagels I think I ever had. He has a good variety of cream cheese flavors. He has soups, sandwiches, and all sorts of neat items .

If you are having company over, or a gathering of people at a function, you can give him a call. He will make up a fresh bagel platter for a reasonable price. If it is in the morning, the bagels are still warm when you get to your destination.

Rich is one of the most down to earth, friendliest people we know. He is a people person, he will remember your name. He runs a professional business, a family environment and always makes you feel special. If you're out for a ride on a Saturday or Sunday and find yourself in Bayberry give yourself a treat and stop in. Tell Rich that Mark & Cindy sent ya. He might just charge you an extra $0.25. :)

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