Monday, March 10, 2008

Justa giving credit, where credit is due!

image photo courtesy of google images. I (me) am the one on the left.

I'd like to thank my 8th favorite sister in law.No maybe it's 7th favorite.(I mean really what would the other 7 think if I didn't pick them my favorite) In other words, they are all my favorite even Melanie. That out of the way. I want to thank Melanie for giving me the idea for my post today. She had an idea via of email for lowering our gas prices at the pump. I'm not going to print it,it's to long to post and I'll paraphrase it by basically just saying, that she(and others, want us to boycott Exxon/Mobil).I will post my response to it:

Melanie, I usually don't forward,forwarded mail. You've got me thinking on this one. I'm not saying I'm going to send it. But I'm contemplating it. It has potential to upset Exxon/Mobil very much.That being said. It isn't going to lower the prices for the oil though. You see Mrs. G. As I was trying to explain to you at our breakfast... The supplier of the oil (NOT US) can set what ever price they(Iran, Irag, Saudi Arabia, etc) want to for their oil. How is that you ask??? (I heard you ask, really I did) Supply and Demand. In other words they have the supply. The rest of us.United States, Russia, China, India, etc, etc, etc.have the demand.I know your favorite thing to do is to blame George Bush.(Poor George). George or President Bush if you prefer. Doesn't even buy his own gas. We, You and I, buy his gas for him. That is one of the perks of the job. Amongst many. That being said, and in the interest of brevity. To make a long story short.In other words. The oil barons of the World(not Georgieee) remember the suppliers now, can charge what they want for (THEIR) oil. Because we(everyone) need it.What's next Melanie. A forwarded letter to boycott Burger King, because they dared raise the price of a cheeseburger????? Where ever would Daniel go to redeem her "Burger King" gift certificate. I'm justa saying! Don't get mad Melanie. Get even, it's much more fun. If you would like to continue this discussion. You know where we live. Stop by, Your sister and I would love the company. Dinner's on us. (Tongue firmly implanted in cheek)

XOXO your 8th favorite brother in law


Thank you Melanie for the material for my post today. You keep providing me material, I may move you up to 6th. I would like to thank The Lime Green Drama Queen for commenting on a post the other day.

This all being said and more important for me and I also I think for you. Would be to click over to the Justakrusen and read my most favorite wife's(so far anyway) post. I love her and I don't deserve her. (Thanks again Walt) You can click over there by clicking on the other Justakrusen websites on the right side of this post. Thanks everyone.


Anonymous said...

wow... not another gas boycott...thats right folks those tankers are ready to unload...if we don't buy gas on tuesday it will forse exxon to loose millions(which for exxon is chump change)....yes if we don't buy gas on any certain day the oil company will not make any money.....but they will double treir money the next day....see we will still we will still use the we will have to replenish at some point....and there goes the effect of a if we realy want to hurt them....don't drive...everybody park the ween...walk ride a bike...just don't drive....truckers al;l take a week off.....moms walk tothe store...dads ride a bike to the supply-demand would be reversed.....but who are we kidding...the oil companies say the barrel price is high and the reflects in the pump price....hey wait a minute...why weren't we paying $3.31 a gallon for fuel in the 80y's....barral price was around $103.oo....gas was maybe a buck....hmmmm...wonder what the oil profits were then....and by the way...when it comes to favorate sisters mel makes the top 5 hands down....thanks for the vine

Mark said...

Mr.fall08. Lol, you continue to amaze me with your commentary. Your brilliance is only superseded by your profound ability to pontificate and blowfeate on a scale never before witnessed in these environs.Thanks again for being the voice in the wilderness,the man of varied wisdom,and the #1 commenter extraordinare. When you get an opportunity call me and I'll tell you about my battle of wits with your sister.