Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some very interesting and informative blogs

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Below are some of the most interesting and or informative blogs and information sources I have come across in my meanderings through the Internet. I've tried to put them in categories and some kind of useful order. If you can think of any others please let us know in an email at Mkrusen@twcny.rr.com or by way of a comment at the end of a post you may be reading. This week I'll be adding Personal Finance. These blogs are a wealth of information and I hope you enjoy the information as much as I have.

Personal Finance and

being Frugal:

  1. GetRichslowly
  2. Fivecentnickel
  3. Thesimpledollar
  4. Mytwodollars
  5. Dollarstretcher
  6. Bloggingawaydebt
  7. Mightybargainhunter
I took My 6th favorite sister in Law Melanie to task yesterday in the post. She wrote back to me in another email , To read the information she sent me, go back up and click on The title for this post. It will take you to the website. Very interesting, as much as I dislike doing this I might have to admit that I may have over simplified my position and that Melanie may be right also. I should have written this in red, right Melanie? That being said, we still can't begrudge a business making money. The free market system is what feeds our economy.


Anonymous said...

interesting and informative.....and also useless....the oil companies have it and we want it...if they wanted $5.oo a gallon and they thought the puiblic would pay it ....well we would pay....it realy does not matter who is behind it....you were right in your previous entry....it is simple economics...if you have something that people want....you decide what you want to charge....if people want it bad enough they pay it....
if you want gas prices to fall...stop using it..." o god the evil oil company " if the dirt in your back yard could solve the energy cricis you would want to make money on it...what would you give it away??? the problem today is there is no enough...the head of exxon probably makes 100...200 million...and thats one salary...add the top salaries up and thats a lot of green...got to sell a lot of gas to make just the boards payrole...it's like sports...the yankee's have a 200 million dollar payrole...that pays one exec at exxon....
and who can spend 200 million dollars in a year anyway???? it is never enough....we are as guilty as they ...lost sheep....give me gas...then bitch about the price as we fill up....it like a mother telling her kid don't smoke with a cigerette hanging out of her mouth....and i can safly say you are my favorate bro in law ...but look at the list.....thanks for the vine.

Mark said...

I will say the feeling is mutual!With out making this to much of a love fest. You and Sheri are like Cindy and I. We like to live each day like there's no tomorrow. Stand on the chair look around the room, get a different view.Melanie's point is valid it justa ain't deep enough. Both of our positions just scratch the surface.