Sunday, March 9, 2008

Justa bookmark

 image I bet I have at least 150 book marked sites. How many do you have? It seems that every time I go online and come across a Website or Blog I find something in it I liked and have to save it. I guess this isn't so bad,as it's not stacking up beside my recliner like magazines would be if I had subscriptions to them. It is cluttering up my mind though. I click on "Bookmark this page" and poof something else saved that I probably won't ever go back to. This is why that sometime in this coming week I'm going to start going through my bookmarks and start cleaning them out. I'll let you know later how I'm doing. I've already started getting my sidebar links organized into groups. I'm working in the background and when I'm ready to Publish them in an organized manner I'll bring attention to that in an up coming post. Let me know if there is a subject that you would like indexed. Some of the links that I am either working on or intend to work on are. Personal Finance (I have 10 of the best ones  I've found on the web so far),Sports,Local Syracuse Info,News(local and National links), Weather(local  and National),some of our favorite Restaurants and things like that.If you have something you have found that might benefit the rest of us, just let us know in the comments or Email me at   

imageOn May 17, 2008 is the "Race for Cure" at the New York State Fairgrounds.Cindy works with someone that is facing this battle and goes out for Surgery on March 12th. Everyone in Cindy's work area are wearing the pink ribbons. So on Tues (and I believe this works) put a thought out into the universe for one of Cindy's co-workers  and her family.Not a lot of humor in today's post. Cancer's not a laughing manner and some days you Just have to step aside (scandalous) and take a ride on the serious side. I'm Justa saying!


ladyinred1953 said...

I thnk you for your compassion in the pink ribbon day at work. I do ask to extend the wishes to go further and say a prayer for those "brothers and sisters" in the world who are facing all sorts of challenges.Challenges do make us stronger, I have been told, but with these challenges we find internal strength we did not know we possessed. Thanks for your honesty and open heartedness.

Anonymous said...

we fly the teal ribon in the window...a reminder that even though breefly...the love of my life is a cancer is day nothing the next a doctor is saying "you were in stage one of ovarian cancer" damn...what is sad is that there are around twenty ribon colors that raise awarness of is the evil silent wife's was discovered by accident...routine testing after a hyserectomy.... you never know....don't ever take life for granted it is a precious gift...carpe deum...sieze the day.......thanks for the vine