Thursday, March 13, 2008

Justa Perfect day!

“If There Were NO Limitations or Consequences, what would your perfect average day look like?” by Frank Kern

Where Would You Live? What Would You Do? Who Would You Know? What Time Would You Wake Up? What Would The First Thing You Say Be? What Would You Have For Breakfast? Who Would You Eat With? What Would Your Friends Be Like? What Would You Be Thinking About? What Would Your Business Be? What Would You Do at Work? What Are Your Clients Like? What Is Your Personal Relationships Like? What Fun Stuff Do You Do?

I'm going to link to the page this article is on a little further down in this post. First though, lets ponder these questions. What if we could have a life with the answer's that we put in? We'll skip around, If you didn't have to go to work. What would you do? I'm there now, and I'll tell you it's not easy to answer. As my leg has gotten better and I'm more mobile my freedom of getting out and about has increased, but now what?

What time would you Wake up? Just think of this. If the Alarm clock wasn't controlling what time you got up... For me it doesn't control what time I get up. It control's Momma's life though. She sets it to go off so she can sit up, reach across and reset if for the "extra" 15 minutes and flop back down again. I've never understood this. Can someone explain it to me? Why not just get up and "Seize the Day"? If I'm lucky enough to sleep until the alarm goes off. (Usually I wake up well before) I get up and get moving. Granted I'm groggy for a few minutes until my body figures out that yes my Brain is engaged lets move it. This puts me into my "Job" mode. Everything I do is to make Momma's job easier to get ready for work. I feed the Pets, make the coffee, If it snowed I'll go out and clean the stairs and sidewalk to the car, clear the car of snow and warm it up. I need to point out here. When Cindy wakes up her whole thing is, along with her own requirements for getting ready for work, making me a lunch even though I'm home and could do so myself. Am I spoiled or what? "Damn Mark," you say. "You sure are a windy fellow!"

I know I'm sorry. last question, I promise. What would your business be? I think I've found it. I want to do some writing like this on line. Will I ever make money with it? maybe. Do I like it? Most definitely. I like engaging in conversation with people. I like to learn what others do to save money, make money, spend money,also saving time, saving energy,heck yea even saving the planet. I mean we have to live on it you know. You've all surely heard the saying "get in on the ground floor" well folks today it's the ground floor. We're on it, go out and live. I'm justa saying! Oops, I said I'd link to the site here it is. Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

wow...what is perfect???...we all have a different a bum it's a hot meal and a warm a child it's a week at disney....and when we think we have a perfect life reminds us who is in charge...go ask elliot spitzer...he is doing a new add campaign..."i get layed in washington...but i love new york"
the problem is what is is an is our own personal 10...and unless you are nadia kominich...there is no ten....try to remember the wise words of the" you wouldn't know triumph..if you didn't know tragedy" we are all searching for that perfect ten....but we will never we have to stop looking for the big picture, and start recognizing the small...there are rainy days in paradice...and yes folks the sun does shine in central new york...i mean hey i even hear that that new super wal-mart is a real turn on....check the news...thanks for the vine

Mark said...

Thomas my man, you once again have hit a home run with your comment.Your the Babe Ruth of commenter's.Unlike those chicken lurkers that have an opinion but keep it to themselves,you Mr. Fall08 reach down in the nether regions of your heart and mind and spew forth wit and wisdom unequaled in these environs. Thanks once again for emoting!:)In closing, I as in you have a perfect 10 in my life. It is Momma aka Cindy.