Sunday, May 25, 2008

I justa can't do it! Sorry!



I've been tagged again.

I just ain't got the energy to follow up on doing the requirements. I'm writing this Saturday afternoon I'm not even sure when or if I'm going to post it. I am supposed to write 8 random things about myself. I really don't seen how I can do that and not repeat stuff as I've been an open book since I started this blog. So I guess I'm just going to have to Un tag my self.(Is that even possible) I am also supposed to tag 8 more people I don't even know 8 bloggers well enough to tag them. And I sure as heck ain't going to tag people I've already  tagged. Stan is already ragging on my about my "man basket" I could see if I tagged him with this one. This has to stop somewhere. (This tag thing) So if someone wants to be mad at me so be it. Get in line. The meany that tagged me obliviously didn't read much of my blog or they would have seen that I was recently tagged. So there we go that is the excuse I'm using. Here is the link to the blog that tagged me.So back to my plan for taking Sunday off. I think I will post this. Under the category whinnying. LOL.

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Forest Parks said...

Ahhhhhhh they can get a little annoying or overwhelming at times.

I don't do them too often anymore.

preciousrock said...

My Dear Mr. K,
Whinnying is what horses do!!

Mark Krusen said...

Ms.Rock I haven't gotten the book deal yet!!! Are you justa practicing?

Hated to do it but enough is enough.