Monday, May 26, 2008

Justas hanging out with friends

We are proud of ourselves. For the first time in a long long time Cindy and I didn't go out to eat Saturday Morning. We had errands to run like go to the Post office, the bank, and the store for a few items. We also had every opportunity to go out and we didn't. We stayed home and had cereal instead. Don't get me wrong it was tough to do. But we did it.

Sandy and Norm came over at 1:00 and I think they were really expecting the PB&J sandwiches we had been threatening to feed them when they came over. We did have sandwiches but we actually had different meats and cheeses and potato salad, potato chips,and drinks and such. We have boxes all over the place and didn't want to go all out to make a meal. I know that I enjoyed the meal. We had a great visit that wasn't constrained by having to watch the clock to get home. We even took them up to see the land where we are putting our new house. We have been up to the land now no fewer than 18 times. I'll be glad when we move in we will save Hundreds in gas right there. image





My blogging buddy Preciousrock on her blogone bipolar life had this picture up. I just thought it was funny and wanted to share it with you. It does simplify live quite a bit. I wished I had happened across it earlier I could have saved a lot of hassle over the last few years.

I took the 1/2 dose of Abilify last night so it will be grog city for me the rest of today. But like the cartoon says all I have to do is,"Snap out of it". I feel better already. I'm getting excited about starting the new job it will be nice to get into some kind of a routine again.

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ladyjane64 said...

Yah, we had a great time as always when we are with you guys.It's ok about the lobster , I don't like it anyway I prefer pb&j. By the way did you plan that helipter flying over your house? Was that perfect or what? Anyway It will be our turn to entertain next, no promises but we'll do our best. Have a great day!!! Good luck with your job and let us know if you need help with anything.

Mark Krusen said...

Sandy, That helicopter cost me $200.00 to fly over the house at just the right time. I'll go to any length for a joke won't I? LOL

preciousrock said...

Good for you, resisting the temptation of eating out. Money is tight and eating out is expensive. I am trying to do the same. My main difficulty is avoiding my Starbuck's addiction :-(