Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Justa wheeling and a dealing!



This is a picture of how Cindy feels right now. As you can see she is reeling but she hasn't passed out yet. To hear Jeff tell it Cindy and I are on deaths door and shouldn't be doing much of anything. Hasn't he read where 50 is the new 40. Except for a few bumps and bruises my leg being the biggest one we are able to function pretty well that you. We may have one foot in the grave but don't forget that hole is 6 ft deep so we have a way to go yet.Trent over at The Simple dollar did a post on boxes. It is an interesting read and it's also where I borrowed this picture of Cindy.(Don't ask me what he was doing with a picture of my wife, I don't even want to know). Heck Stan maybe you can have an outfit like this instead of that jacket you still wear from your Senior Prom.LOL.





Remember how proud Cindy and I were of not eating out. Well the Mayor and his wife, Cindy and I went out Monday morning  instead. I guess that falls under the category of delayed gratification. We went up to Mimi's in Fulton again. That is our new favorite place to eat breakfast. Our portion of the bill only came to $10.40 for both of our breakfast. That's a Sausage and Cheese Omelet and I think Cindy had pancakes.Along with all the coffee you can drink. Shawn and Pat's came to $8.00 something I think. Not to bad for a pretty healthy portion.

image Sometimes I justa wish I was like this bird. I could just take off and fly and just sort of glide with the wind. What would a bipolar bird do? I just think that it would be neat. Maybe my next life I can come back as one.My luck I'd run into a window my first flight and break my neck.


Quinn said...

What a nice thought Mark "what if we were a bird" I thought exactly the same thing the other'd be so free of everything...knowing my luck I'd probably fly straight onto the window of a BA flight lol :D

Quinn said...

PS . I like your vote on the "wild and crazy" :P

Mark Krusen said...

Quinn, Wild and crazy just seems to fit you. :)