Thursday, May 29, 2008

Justa gettin it done!

100_1349_edited Here is one half of H&S landscaping cutting the front yard. Jeff and his buddy Justin started a landscaping business a few years back. The are very busy and very smart the way they go about doing their business. They are putting everything they make back into the business. Paying for new equipment and really building up a strong client base. We were lucky to get them to put us on the schedule.100_1351_edited

But this year we are customers. The problem Jeff has is with realizing that this is a business arrangement. He wants to cut the grass for free and I (we) want to pay him $20.00 per cut. So far they have cut the yard twice and no bill has come sooooo. Cindy put a check for $40.00 in with some mail we had for him.100_1347

He saw it and got kind of upset saying that somehow we would get it back. Tell me if you have an opinion on this. Should we pay Jeff & Justin to mow the yard? Is it ok to have a business arrangement with family? My thing is that it cost them money for their gas & time and travel time to get to our house they should be compensated fairly for that. If I had someone else do it I didn't know, I'd have to pay. As you an see they have the equipment to do the job. They do a very good job and it can't take them more than 15 mins. max to do it. Our lawn was the last one they did for the day and we were the 10th yard they did. Not bad for not starting till afternoon.



On the job front that is going at a snails pace. It turns out I have to personally go down to the Insurance company and let them make a copy of my license to run it to see if I am clean. Then my appointment for my finger print test to run the FBI check on me isn't until next Tuesday June 3rd. This actually works out pretty good as I have an afternoon appointment up in Oswego Ny to start the process of getting in to see a shrink. So I'll stop into the insurance company in Syracuse at about 9:00am then come home let Indy back out and hot foot it up to Oswego for my 2:00pm appt with the outpatient mental health clinic. I'm starting to feel like Stan.A little overwhelmed with all the new stuff. My little routine of just getting up, then taking a nap when ever I want to is almost over. I don't know how often I'll be able to post as I get busy with the moving, the new job, and appts with shrinks. I shouldn't be down and out for to long.

I had some major high anxiety yesterday my compensation is coming to an end and a settlement is near. I'm going to have to do some fighting to get some proper compensation I don't want to rattle on about it yet this post is long enough already. Just suffice it to say major stresses right now have brought out the Adavan. I took one last night it seems to have helped as I got about 41/2 hrs of sleep in a row. That is a lot for me. I'll let everyone know tomorrow how my various activities I have today go. Gotta run have a great day. I'm going to try to.


ladyjane64 said...

Here's my take on your arrangement with H&S Landscaping. Let Jeff do what he is going to do, trust me on this. You and Cindy have taken care of him for his whole life and this is his way of showing you his appreciation. "LET HIM" It's his way of letting you know he's doing ok for himself and that when it's REALLY time for him to be up to bat, like 30 years from now he will be there to handle it with bells on. So, I say let the boy do what he wants to do "Take care of his parents" I'm justa sayin" cause you asked.
Good luck with all of your new adventures.

Mark Krusen said...

Wow Ladyjane64. I hope Jeff doesn't read this. Are you really saying that I could be wrong on this? Me being wrong that would be the first time in like 30 years that I would be wrong about something.LOL To really take care of his parents he needs to put the ole man in a loony bin and come and visit one weekend a month.{Laughing my but off}

Anonymous said...

I totally see where your coming from Mark, wanting to pay for gas and the work and such, which is fantastic, BUT I agree with Ladyjane. :) You guys have taken care of him, not its his turn to take care of you guys. You can fight him all you want, he's still going to do it his way. haha. I say if you want to "pay him back" treat him to dinner or tickets for the movies for him and amanda or something. Its money well hidden ;) haha. He may fight, just a little less if it was $40 in cash.

Mark Krusen said...

Hmmmm. 2 against one that hardly seems fair. I'm going to have to leave this post up for a couple of days to get some more comments. Could it really be that I am wrooooooonggg.

Mark Krusen said...

Hmmmm. 2 against one that hardly seems fair. I'm going to have to leave this post up for a couple of days to get some more comments. Could it really be that I am wrooooooonggg.

Stan Cavers said...

Dearest Mark:

REALITY CHECK!!!! Last time I checked you’re not dead yet (check your pulse for verification please {Smirk}), so get off your butt and cut your own damned grass, it's a rider mower for god sake!! This whole indentured servitude idealism in a bunch of crock just to get you firmly glued to your easy chair, where you enjoy your Cat-O-Tonic state {laughing).

Of course you did feed and clothe your cherished and successful vermin off spring for countless years. So pay back is not out of the realm of expectations and simple gratitude.

Maybe instead of paying him cash, you can work on a nice fruity man basket, and give it to him as a gift of appreciation.

I thought you might want an opposition opinion before that picture of you in a man bra sniffing flowers appears on your blog.

By the way Mark, how’s your arm? I think those Yankees could use you in their rotation soon {laughing}.

Yours Truly

Anonymous said... friend jerry had a heart is his second one and he is only kind of puts things in perspective....i can bitch about my pay...bitch about my life....and he has just had his second stent put in to keep him alive....he never gets scared...but he was....he never gets sick...but he is.....kind of shows that no matter how mighty the can still fall....he is at st. joes...probably the best place to be...and the last place i want to has been said that it is all his falt...but that does not justify is the one thing we all take for 70 beats a minute, 4200 beats a hour, 100,800 beats a day,705,600 beats a week,36,691,200 beats a beats more than a watch tics...and how many watches have you owned....the timex is still tic-ing....
and yes it is okay for jeff to work for free if jeff wants comes free...and with it all the him a dinner gift card...or a gift card to the coffee shop....cook them a meal....i always say i will refuse money once or twice...but if the person insists...them you could insult them by persisting, unless it my sister...she is always on the house....i mean i fix your brakes and you feed me...thats a good deal on my end....thanks for the vine

CRAIG & DIANE said...

Yes, Mark, admit it defeat, you really should let him do this for you. I agree with dmarie6485, treat Jeff and Amanda to a dinner out, or movie tickets. I have felt that at times, the best gift you can give someone is letting them do something for you.

Mark Krusen said...

Craig & Diane

I have to admit I'm wrong if even my truckin buddies are agreeing with dmarie6485 I'm a defeated beaten down man. Whoa is me. LOL

Mark Krusen said...

Stan, I'm not dead yet but my left leg is. We don't have a rider yet. That will be at the new place. Thanks for your $0.02cents.

preciousrock said...

Dear Mr. Krusen,
My parents pay me to clean their house every two weeks. They used to have a cleaning lady, but my mother asked if I wanted to be the cleaning lady because she knew I needed the money. Sometimes I feel guilty for taking money from them when I should be helping them out of love and gratitude, but they would pay someone else anyway and they want to help me. This is a win/win situation for both parties.

On the other hand, Marky Mark, if your son wants to do your yard out of the goodness of his heart and doesn't need your $20, let him do it. I'm sure he enjoys being helpful to you and appreciates all you have done for him in the past. It sounds like you are insulting him by handing him money for something he wants to do out of the goodness of his heart. I'm going to e-mail you my address so you can send the $$ to me, lol. :-)

Hope the FBI and the CIA don't find any dirt on you so you can get back to work soon. Too many naps make a man weak!

Your adoring Ms. Rock

Mark Krusen said...


It seems to me that the overriding thoughts on this thing is that I am a louse and that I should steal the services of an up and coming company.I shall have to rethink my whole thought process and change my attitude. Your parents pay you for a service that you provide what is wrong with me paying my son & his partner. That is the key in all of this for me. He has a partner in the business. It has nothing to do with family ties and paying back. It is strictly a business decision. We may all simply have to agree to disagree on this one. I'm justa Saying! Affectionately yours