Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm justa grateful for my friends and family

The pod came today

Right in the time frame that they said it would. I've been anxious for it to get here so I could start loading it. As soon as the guy left after dropping it off I borrowed the next door neighbors cart and started bringing the bins out 3 at a time. I was actually feeling somewhat productive until the pain from my knee and my lower back  because of all the inactivity kicked in. I continued carrying the boxes anyway and have only stopped as I'm at an impasse as to how to load this thing. I think it will hold quite a bit. I have a whole roll of bins in but now it's time to stuff things in holes and shore up the piles. I think I need to wait till my honeys comes home and stupervises me. With two of us doing things we ought to be able to be very productive.

I'm going to take a few pictures like in stages

just to show you how much these things hold. We didn't get any pictures today though so today will probably be a post without  pictures. Cindy came home and as I suspected we were able to focus and finished putting all the boxes and bins that are packed into the pod. It shows us that we aren't that far from being done and that we have to pace ourselves a little differently as we still have almost 3 wks minimum before we can move into the new place.

It's pathetic how much I lean on Cindy for support

I feel so inadequate at times and she just completes me. She helps me focus and remain functional. I don't know how to express it but sometimes it makes me seem so vulnerable without her around. Like when she's at work. I'm sure it's not healthy for me to be so dependent on her for direction. I'm hoping that as I get back into the work force this will change.

I'm also very grateful for the support I've gotten from you all.

There are plenty of times where I've wanted to just quit this blog but it has taken on a life of it's own now and I feel a responsibility to continue. Do any of you ever feel this way  sometimes? I'm taking Sunday off from blogging and will be back Monday sometime. My times for posting may change as my upcoming schedule changes, but I will still try to post at least once a day. Thanks to all of you that keep coming back and commenting and thanks to you that I know are reading it inspires me to blog on. Have a great weekend every one. Seize the day. I'm sure going to try to.


ladyjane64 said...

I'll just say that "it goes without saying" about your blogging, and as always you guys know where to find us if you need any help with the moving have a GREAT week-end!

Stan Cavers said...

Dearest Mark:

Take your time; you don't have to post everyday! I would say only post when you have something important to say; but then we might only get a post once a month or so {laughing}.

Mark, your now precariously stuck between a snake and a rock place; your firmly addicted to your blog buddies and this blog as of present. Unfortunately at this time there is no 12 step program functioning to help you get through this mess {smirk}.So I say embrace the madness and muddle on through thick or thin, and just enter a plea of insanity if events lead you down a downtrodden path {grin}.

I do have great empathy for you though, since I hate moving with a passion. Just take it as it comes, keep yourself in a slow palatable pace, stay happy, and of course healthy.

I sure hope you’re not going have to drive your transport van strapped in from the back seat with this new job {laughing}. Strait jackets where never designed for that purpose or intention you know {Chuckle}.

Remember, all good things come in time, or was that all horrible circumstances take time to develop? Either way time is a determining factor {dumfounded look comes across Stan's face}.

Just remember when things get rough, all hope seems lost and hopeless; you can just go to your man basket and give it a big hug and kiss, or step outside and smell the flowers holding your esteemed award close in hand {Laughing}. Of course you should look closely and be careful before sticking your nose up to that flower. I'm sure some bee may be waiting there with a little surprise to awaken your senses {smirk}.

I hope you have a great weekend moving and don't push yourself to hard. This is always a good time to pull out that indentured servitude card from family members.

Take good care my Blog Pal:

Mark Krusen said...


Thanks for your support. It's the same kind I might get from my jock strap. (Just kidding) Thanks for taking the time to lay down some great advice. I'm actually going to take some of it. From now on I will only be posting once every other month.

If I ever grow up I want to be just like you. Except for the way your dress.

And yes I can drive with a straight Jacket on. I'm especially good with just using my left foot to steer LOL. Have a great weekend yourself.

Mark Krusen said...


With people like you reading my blog every day I couldn't quit if I wanted to. And with friends like Stan who needs enemies right?

Stephany said...

I know how it feels, it's great to get support, and thanks for supporting me!

Good luck with the moving, ugh, yeah those muscle pains, im impressed you all are so far ahead w packing. i hate moving so much, that when it happens im never packed, and it becomes a crisis while other ppl pack for me and i sit and sob. its different when you have chosen to make a move. i did that once. but last time was a nightmare and it looms over me now too!

i'm still looking for cindy's post! i think it's ok to rely on her, it sounds like you all make a good team, and its a brave person to admit to a loved one that they need the other (for some ppl).

have a good day all of you!

Stephany said...

PS- ha! Stan I was smelling a rose once (what a shock i know)and a tiny green tree frog leaped straight onto my face! needless to say I look at the roses now before smelling them.