Friday, May 30, 2008

Now I'm justa flower child

As if I didn't have enough titles I get to add another one to my list. I am a "Flower sniffer" My blogging buddy Preciousrock has passed along to me The Flower smellers badge. If you read my comment to her on the post you can see that I'm a little concerned with this award for good reason.

Here it is folks, the award passed on to me by Preciousrock and the award that I will in turn pass on to 3 more Flower Smellers of my choosing (see below).image






My first in line to be deemed the new flower sniffer is going to be Tom over at his site. If anyone needs to stop and smell the flowers some time it is him. He is very busy and needs to take a chill pill. Maybe sniffing some good flowers will help. 2nd in line will have to be Norm he too is working pretty hard at his job at the Home Depot. At least every time we stop in to say hi to him he is faking it pretty good anyway. And my third choice to stop and smell the flowers is going to go to Cindy my wife she could use some encouragement as she has been getting bombarded from all sides lately.

Shhhh, this is a secret.  I’m not going to notify any of these people of the award.  If they drop by and wish to pass on the award that will be wonderful.  If they decide not to pass it on, they are still flower smellers in my mind!   :-)

This is just one example of my wife Cindy and how special of a person she is always thinking of others first, if you read any thing in this post at all you have to follow this link to her post from a while ago. She is always thinking of others first. ALWAYS!!


Anonymous said...

wow...sniff nothin...i need to plant those suckers before it rains...and speaking of rain...i need to mow the lawn...and speaking of mowing i need to sharpen the mower blades...and speaking if blades i need to get some razors...and speaking of razors i have to check the verizon bill...and speaking of bill i have to pay my bills...and speaking of pay i need to check my paystub on the net....and ....what were we talking about?????....hmmm...well what ever it was i think it is swell...thanks for the vine

Quinn said...

That's a lovely thing you decided to do Mark and I'm sure it'll brighten their day :)
Have a good one

preciousrock said...

Mr. Krusen,
It kinda seems like you are poking fun at my award! Waaaaaaah! Maybe I shoulda skipped the middle man and given it to your wife myself. She must be a wonderful woman to put up with you and allow you to use her bread basket. ;-)

Mark Krusen said...

Ms. Rock,
LOL. Your like a 2nd wife. I can't do nothin right can I?

preciousrock said...

No, Mr. Krusen, you were doomed from birth when you came out a man child, lol.