Sunday, March 30, 2008

I am justa tired puppy this morning!


Hello Anna, I hear You are a professional lurker. A little birdie that my wife knows told me while I was waiting in the parking lot at work to take her to lunch. I'm glad you enjoy this thing they call "a blog" feel free to comment at some point. If not I hope you continue to enjoy reading it. Momma and I went out to our Saturday breakfast again yesterday. The Mayor, minus his wife came with us.

The Restaurant of choice was the new place Lou Lou's. Right off the bat you know your in trouble right? It was weird. We got there at 08:45 am and we were the only ones in the place. When we sat down it was freezing in the place. Apparently the outside door had stuck open so the Mayor and I went to investigate. We determined we had to take the arm off that holds the door open as it was broken. Now here it gets a little dicey. The Mayor is accusing me of taking a supervisory role in the project. He claims that I stood there and watched him do the work. He forgot that I had taken the first bolt out by hand as it was loose enough to do.

Well we made the necessary repairs to the door then came back in to the Restaurant and our food was quick to arrive. The meals were all good and the portions we're adequate. The Cost for 3 breakfasts worked out to $24.00 plus a $4.00 tip. Lou Lou's has become a, been there done that kind of place if you know what I mean. The service was fair we had to wait for refills on the coffee some. It's the price more than anything that chases me away. Again, fuel prices drive up the cost of food.  

I want to make a quick apology to Mr. Google in an earlier post or two I was accusing him of all kinds of skullduggery. It appears that the fault lies with little ole me. I had some how hit the do not allow link on my security settings on the Firefox browser. Thus blocking out Google and blogger from me accessing them. I just change the Cookie setting to allow and we are good to go again. I just thought it necessary to apologize. Now hard feeling I hope Mr. Google.

In  closing Us three Musketeers went out to Hanibal, Ny to check out the 10 acre piece of land that we've been looking into. Cindy and I have determined that the extra 20 mile round trip to J-O-B and back to Hanibal would be to much. We have located a few locations and I'll get back to them later as it narrows down to what we're going to do. This is why I'm tired though. We put about 130 miles on the car today running around. I'm not used to all that driving now that I'm a home body. I'm justa saying!


Anonymous said...

wow... hey oh great blog master...well i finaly did post a coment to cort i had to sign up for wordpress...and don't ask me how but suddenly i have a i posted and added a picture of a favorate sun i have a picture on my name...real for lou lou's...isn't that where garcia's far nobody can make that place word...bummer on the land...i was hoping we'd be neighbors..well amybe next time...thanks for the vine

Mark said...

Jackofall58 I went over and checked out your brand new blog. Welcome to the blogesphere. Watch out it is addicting. I'll link to your site in my post tomorrow. Your number one commenter. I'm justa saying!