Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm justa nother April fool!

I typed up the article that I had intended to post on this post today. I use Windows Live Writer as my tool of choice to Write the post for both this site and the Justakrusen.wordpress.com site. Well I had the post all written, pressed the send button and voila. It brought me to the post I had done. It was on the wrong blog.

I had forgotten to reset the button that would put it on the Blogspot blog after Momma had posted on the Wordpress blog. Did I confuse you? Sorry. The bottom line is... Check out our other site over on Wordpress. Both Momma and I have posted an article for today. I could have changed it but decided to leave it that way and link to them from this site. So if you've got time click on over there and check out Momma and Mine's post for the day. And hey! Happy April Fools day! I'm justa saying!

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Anonymous said...

wow...APRIL FOOLS...hope i didn't get you too exited>>>that was funny....hey i was kidding...really...i mean i like you and all but gay....i don't think so....thanks for the vine