Friday, April 4, 2008

Justa wondering what happened Frank!


I'm asking this of one person from the Cicero Ny area. You almost got us. Fortunately I took your advice and did some research. Your company itself doesn't show any problems with the B.B.B. but the owner of your company sure does doesn't he. I believe we'll just leave our deal right where it is now. Thanks for any time you spent with us. Good luck. One more thing Frank. My lack of knowledge on what our property in question was worth was just that ''Lack of knowledge" nothing more, nothing less. Your failure to take the time and truly qualify us was at best neglect on your part. You could have saved us both a lot of time had you just said a couple of things to us while Cindy and I were in your office. Just some advice for you when you have other couples in your office. You should tell them:

  1. As far as service after the sale folks. Well we don't have any. In fact in 2006 there were no less than 11 complaints to the Attorney General of the state of New York. Who by the way his first name was Elliot.(Hmmmmm) Our competitor up the street has their own service department with guaranteed service for a year after the sale. We here can't touch that Mark.In fact we don't have a service dept. We use subcontractors for most of our work.And Another thing Mark Check out the fact that the Better Business Bureau has had no complaints in the last year against our competitor . You won't even find our company listed. (Hmmmm again)
  2. I won't return your phone calls in a timely manner! In fact the girl we have that deals with the financing won't call you back at all. I'm really busy. Rather than take the time to call you right back. I'm going to have you chase me. It's fun watching you chase your tail.
  3. Yes our homes look nice. But our competitors in all honesty with everything being considered have nicer homes than us.They will sit down with you and explain in detail what the deals stages mean. They are not to busy to treat each and every one of their customers with a respect for their time and understanding the need for the customer to feel comfortable with the deal. They unlike us Mark will not rush into the sale without fully understanding the customers needs.In fact Mark their homes up there are locked so as to respect that future owner of the home being shown. Unlike ours where we just let you come and go in the homes not giving two hoots about any questions you'll have or what you may or may not do when your in the home alone.
  4. Mark the issues above are important enough. But the one overriding issue I have to share with you is. That I don't have the balls to call you back and say "You know what, I can't dispute a damn thing that is written her Mark, Not one DAMN, thing" Oh and one final thing Mark. I sure hope I don't have to face you in public somewhere some time. You are one mean bastard aren't you? I'm Justa saying, Mark!

Now that I've gotten the private business out of the way. We're in the process of trying to buy a New Double wide and put it on land we've found near our house. We should find out later today if the Financing went through. We are looking at 2+ acres not far from the park we live in now. The number were looking at would be within our "not house poor numbers". I'll let you know later if we got it. If not we trudge on here in the park we live in. Doesn't hurt to dream does it? We've only got a little under 5 years left on the house so we would just bite the bullet and keep it. Oh ,just as an aside. The new company which we like and are now dealing with is G & I homes. Stay tuned for more information as it comes my way. I'm justa saying!


Anonymous said... seems odvious that yuo and franky will not be doing business....i'm going out on a limb here, but thats the vibe i know i got the same vibe on my recent car purchase...i went to that big know...operators town or something like that...they advertise everywhere...anyhow we knew what we wanted and we were ready to buy...up front we wer feeling pretty good...then the pit in the gut know the one...the little bird that says .."they are trying to F&%$ you, they only want the sale" know when they ball fase lie to you and in orwells 1984....2+2=5 cause we say many people fall for that...a lot i am afraid...but not us we walked .... so where is this new it the property in hanebel???thanks for the vine

Mark said...

Thanks for checking in Tom. No the land is on Rte 48 just south of us about a half mile or so. It's on the corner of Kellog & Rte 48 2+ acres. They're asking $24,900. We'll go to $20,000. No deal bye, bye. The property in Hanibal is to much of a commute for Cindy so that is a no go.