Monday, March 31, 2008

Justa meeting of the minds


I've finally gotten permission from the Lime Green Drama Queen's father to put a picture of my number one guest poster. It's because I just hadn't had a chance to ask him. So in talking to dad he also felt the World could handle the excitement. So here we are in all our Glory having a meeting of the minds.(Is that a scary thought or what?) Whenever Courtney is over to the house we have some very interesting discussions. So I just thought it would be neat to have Court Court (as she likes to call herself) have an outlet for some of her thoughts. For those of you that haven't had a chance to read the Queens thoughts right here is the very first independent works of Ms.Lime herself. It's a good read check it out.

Today is the day for my 3rd attempt at taking my Physical Capacity test. Wish me well. The insurance company is not to excited that it has taken this long to get the test done. If you've been following along you know the story if not check it out right here real quick. The is just a small portion of my last year plus saga of my Workman's Compensation journey. That's right it's been a journey. I can almost feel the Red Sea parting. Hopefully the path to the end of the journey will reveal it self.

Speaking of Revealing myself. No Jackofall58 not like that!! It is time to reveal a little something about myself that I have been remiss about bringing up. Time and space won't allow me to go into a whole lot of detail. I just thought that by bringing it out into the open it would allow us to at least start the conversation. Drum roll.... I am Bi! There I've said it. I feel much better now. It is finally out in the open... Oops I left out a word. It does change the meaning of my revelation some. I am Bi-Polar. Whew! Sorry about that. I hope that adds some clarification. I had a pretty severe attack about 5 years ago and was diagnosed then. I denied it to myself then. However 5 years later here I am into the second month or so of a Manic episode. Hang on folks, it could last another 3 or 4 months if it runs like the last one did.

In the interest of time and space I'm going to link you over to Tom Stine's site again. He has started the discussion based on a comment I left on one of his earlier post. Join in on the conversation there or post a comment here if you wish. Heck do both. Really engage! It is said that 1 in 70 of us are blessed with this disorder.So if you don't have the disorder you may have a family member that does or know someone who does.

I say blessed because if you can get it under control you can be pretty darn productive during the Manic stages. I have to get ready for my Capacity test. (Morning chores to do) Please check in by way of comment if you feel so moved. Or if you want to subscribe to Justakrusen via email updates you can do so on the top right of this site. I'm justa saying! Norm and Sandy, this will teach you. Maybe next time you see us pulling in the driveway you'll hide in the bedroom and tell Jake to tell us that your not home. :)


Evan said...

Hi Mark,

I've migrated over from Tom Stine's blog.

I'd like to hear about your experience of the manic. My concern about those I've seen in the manic phase is that they just give and give and don't pause to receive. So the quality of their relationships worries me a bit.

So I'd like to hear your experience of the manic part.

Hope you're having a great day.


Mark said...

Evan, Thanks for stopping by. I receive far more than I give. Particularly from my wife. She is an Angel. Talk about having every advantage! I live with and Angel and I get a free high. What could be better than that? I may sound flippant about it but the simple fact of the matter is, this is the Truth. My wife is the most giving person I have ever run into in my whole life. That's 54 years so far.There is nothing that we wouldn't do for each other. I'd go on but it would just sound to good to be true. So I'll stop there. Thanks again for reading and commenting on the blog. We'll be over to engage on Tom's blog again soon.

Tom said...

Hey Mark.. Feels good, doesn't it, putting stuff in print. I'm glad you "came out."... Tom

Mark said...

Thanks for commenting Tom. Yes it does. I start typing and my fingers just take over. It's almost cheating isn't it? :)

Anonymous said...

wow...thats no more showers...eww i probably shouldn't have brought that up...u see i have always if i was to come out of the closet it would be for you...i have always been jelious of my sister for haveing you when i can't....ya i said it i feel better...i'll tell more in my next post...thanks for the vine