Thursday, March 6, 2008

Justa Insurance Rant!!

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I was hesitant to do this post. Fear of reprisal, momma getting mad(this is the most serious threat)or some imaginary boogy man. The picture isn't really an illustration of my situation although insurance companies as a rule do leave you high and dry.

Here goes, I'll try not to make it too long. A lot of you have been following the adventures of my Workman's Comp case.If you need to check back through some of the post. Sorry I haven't learned how to do internal links yet. Ok, the other day I went to my physical capacity test attempt two. I arrived there at 06:45 for a 07:00 appt. The lady at the desk(names left out to protect the guilty) tells me after I let here know why I'm there, that I'm not in the computer. Every one knows that if it's not in the computer it didn't happen. It seems that when I had to cancel the last appointment the girl told me what day and time the new one would be. She put it on a sticky note and put it in my file. Well it never made it from the file to the computer so, no appt.

This is where the story gets good. Remember from the post on canceling my first appt? Well the Physical Therapy place (at North Medical) charged $150.00 for me canceling without 48 hours notice? I talked to my WC case manager yesterday and she said they paid that bill. I was surprised and told her so. What a waste of money. She said "They have a right to bill for that and rather than fight it I just paid it." (Yes this is the same lady that is refusing to pay the Chiropractic bill that is really helping my leg)

So I tell her that she ought to back bill them for $150.00 for there mistake(although my only mistake was getting the flu at the wrong time). There was an awkward pause The same one that is there when I've asked Momma something stupid. She has no intention of doing that. This is just a small example of some of the wasted money on my case. I will for speed of reading list them as follows:

  1. 30 physical therapy sessions to see if I could magically repair a torn meniscus I guess.
  2. My surgery(Not wasted) however the infection right after the surgery(Some one messed up somewhere)resulting in 10 days in the hospital with two more surgeries and some kick fanny antibiotics.
  3. 10 days in home with a thing a majing in my army antibiotic therapy along with I don't remember how many vistits physical therapy in home.
  4. At least another 30 physical therapy sessions at the place I went to before surgery.
  5. 12 sessions of massage therapy
  6. 8 sessions so far of Chriopractor(which they are refusing to pay)
  7. I now own a what cha callit electric probe pain reducing thingy. Retails for $810.00 They had a contract price of some sort.

These are just some of the major expenses, I could go on but I see some of you nodding off so I'll sum it up here. Insurance companies as a rule not an exception have way to much on their plates with "managed care".My case manager probably has a case load that is way too much for one person to handle effectively.In fact I'm sure of it because they have subcontracted my case to a local company, where a nurse has been handling my case going to appt. with me etc. Momma describes back ups in claims cases at her job. Some one needs to stream line systems, listen to those on the front lines for ideas,change what they are doing because what they are doing "justa ain't working."

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