Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Justa selling my other blog!

That's right I have sold the to Momma.Actually I tricked her into posting on it a couple times, now I think I've convinced her to post on it again. I was talking to Cindy on the way into work (hers, not mine) yesterday. I just suggested that she ought to take over writing for the blog and make it "hers". She didn't kick me out of the car, and she didn't say no. So I think I have a sale. The only thing it is going to cost her,Well this is the kicker that might squash the deal is,she has to admit to knowing me in public from time to time. This has been something she has been loath to do in the past. So we shall see.

All that being said I was talking to our son Jeff yesterday morning also. And I got some great news. I got his permission to put his and Amanda's picture up here on the site 100_0525 I figured I would use this one first as this will be what he will be doing most of his married life.(Begging Momma to let him do something, or begging for forgiveness, or some such thing. Now he will deny this behavior will ever be displayed in his house hold. Maybe he hasn't had to do it yet. But in time after years of marriage. You will Jeff have assumed this position if not physically then for sure metaphorically if nothing else.:)100_0589 Just for example look at the look on his face on their wedding night while they were dancing! It's as if to say. You expect me to follow what rule? The smile on Amanda's face tells us that "yes Jeff I do" Just look at that fire in her eyes. Ya gotta love it. Now showing these particular pictures at this time and in this place might get me in trouble. But I can't help it. The middle letter S in my name stands for Sneaky. I am a sneaky fellow aren't I Jeff? No you have gotten me in the past with some of your jokes, particularly you and your mother with some gift giving shenanigans. I didn't get made at the time I just told myself that I would get even. :) I might not be even yet but it is getting closer. Now really I hope you don't mind that these are the pictures I used. I just wanted to have some fun with these. I'll close the post with a really good one and than a link to a picture of me so you will feel better about the use of these pictures.

100_0334 See, this is a better picture isn't it? and in closing I'll link to a photo of me that I'm sure you'll enjoy because it doesn't exactly show me in a good light, check it out right here .I almost forgot. For a really neat Aprils Fools day trick check out Gary Conn's really funny trick. Fortunately he didn't get me. He almost did though, it's pretty funny. Be sure to read the comments to see my comment to him,Check it out over at his site As always, I'm justa saying!

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Anonymous said... let me get this are turning over the reins to momma?? you are going to subcontract...hmm..isn't that like out sorsing???you know you get used to a quality product and BAM!!! they sell out to some foreign will we still get a good product or was this done solely for profit...i can see it now...justakrusen out on some beach...sucking on a tatty while his viewers suffer through some substandard mosh...well if it ain't mad ein the U S of A then it ain't for me...also will the name change...will we be responding to justaslaterkrusen...will i have to redo all my favorates???wow/
thanks for the vine