Monday, March 3, 2008

Justa checking things out.

image 100_0860Here's what $138.42 will buy you at Wally World. There are some things that we couldn't get in the picture. But you get the basic idea. The other day I posted on Save A Lot and what we had spent there. At least I thought I posted on Save A Lot. I've looked around and can't find the post. Any how this purchase at Wal*Mart had a total of 54 items, I don't speak Greek so the items list was kind of hard to decipher what was non food items some of the time.

I'm in the if you can't beat em, join em mode as it relates to Wal*Mart If your careful and watch the items you buy. You can really save quite a bit. Momma said the meat's were more expensive at Wal*Mart as compared to Save-A-Lot. However, on a lot of the items Wally's prices were either the same or a little bit lower because of the size comparisons. Another thing, you have a lot more choices at Wal*Mart. Were not saying we're going to abandon ship on Save-A-Lot yet, Like Jeff did. (Amanda, I just had to get a dig in, it's been a few days now)

There is one Caveat here though. As a soon to be former Truck Driver, I hate the place. The Warehouses are huge and they have an extreme"My way or the highway" policy in the way they do things. For starters, you absolutely can't arrive any sooner than 2 hrs before your appointment time. If you do they will send you away. This is a major pain at most of the Distribution Centers because they tend to be out in the boonies. You have to leave and come back at your appointment time. Where you park, they could care less, just leave there property. (This is going to be a long paragraph and will have to be under the pouting, or whinnying category) So you get back to the Land of Oz, and they open the gates into the Emerald City, you have to park and walk in to check in. They assign you a door, you back in and have to drop your trailer and pull away from it about 2 feet. This is so the chances of you pulling the trailer out while someone is in the back.(I did that once at one of their stores, don't ask!) So I can't blame them for this policy can I? I guess the worst thing they do that bugs me, is that they charge you, or the company you drive for a minimum of $25.00 to unload the trailer. That's if it is a runoff no touch load. Much more if the Freight has to be handled. It takes a  2 hrs to unload. Sometimes much longer. This is a major ripoff, as they are passing the cost of the labor in their warehouse back onto the Shipper or Trucking company. But that is how they make (save) money by putting pressure on the suppliers.

So you see, I have a love hate relationship with Wally World. I love the prices on a lot of the stuff they sell-but I hate the way they treat Truck Drivers at the Warehouses, and I sure wish I could look on the tag and see "Made In America" once in a while. I'm Out!!

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Anonymous said...

don't feel bad we all are guilty of shopping wally world's. the biggest of all the foriegn market users...if it's made in america it ain't at wally's...i am told they treat their employee' well...though one walk through the store and you wonder where they hire..." hey i know you just got out for murder but you want a job"...they would hire charly manson if he made parole...they are the white trash employer of the year...they pit chineese companies against each other...but damn...their prices are cheap...of corse thweir close are cut for asian people...i mean their jeans have no butt room...strieght butt...but they are cheap....and me about to take a pay time to be a radical...
and yes my woman mite need professional help...but i love her anyway...and i dought highly that she will be runnin down main street in liverpool naked...unless i'm chasin her...but thats another story....
we shop everywhere..sam's, bj's, wegmans,target, and wally' ain't easy but what choice do we have...hell your picture looks like what FJ eats in a anerxics in my house...well thanks for the vine

mark said...

Thomas I was on my way down to see Jeff at work tonight again and stopped in to Wally World for some things for Momma. I was in line at the check out, the cashier said someones car outside was on fire. The way this last year has gone, I figured it would be mine after all the money we just put in it. Lol.Hey FJ is a growing boy he needs to eat a lot.