Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Justa kidding!

imageI posted this on the WordPress website but I wanted you folks that don't go there to read this and see early pictures of Momma and Jeff.

I finally got Cindy's permission to put her picture on the blog. Here she is holding Jeff. This is one from quite a few years ago so she has changed quite a bit. She doesn't monkey around, when she picks a picture does she.I went Bananas when she said I could use it. Jeff's going to go ape.... when he see's I've put a picture of him on here. (I didn't get his permission). Oh well, speaking of permission. I made the mistake of asking Momma her opinion of a post I was planning to put on here the other day. Needless to say she was less than thrilled. I was less than thrilled when she gave me her honest opinion, didn't she know I JUSTA wanted her to rubber stamp it. Oh well I learned another valuable lesson. If you don't want to know don't ask!! So in the future(as in from now on) I'm taking an idea right out of the Billy Bob Clinton play book "Don't ask Momma, Don't tell Momma" with a slight twist on the last part to read "Don't tell Momma till after you've done it." I know, I know,These are Gorilla tactics, but when times get tough( I mean isn't $3.27 a gal for gas tough enough?) than you dig down and you do what you have to. After all I had just spent 10 minutes away from my bon bon's to produce in my opinion, a kick fanny post. Oh well.

Now you ask, Mark what kind of useful information did you give me today? Well besides the price of gas at the Nice and Easy in Phoenix. Not much yet. So in the interest of brevity (which this post has no way of accomplishing now) I'm going to give you a few quick references of the local Syracuse area that will help you,in no particular order:

  • One of the best places for news, information, weather or whatever online and on tv is 9 if you've never gone, check them out. A lot of information for sure.
  • If you want to know what traffic is looking like,and you go to work via 690 east into town, check out this neat site,with it's group of cameras.When it starts getting lighter earlier (remember those days) it well be easier to see.
  • And just to keep this post as short as I can,(boy does he ramble on) I realize this isn't a local what ever but who doesn't want to keep up with The Farmers Almanac . This is a really, really neat site with lots of information.

There, that didn't hurt to much did it? Take your seat belt off, get up out of the chair, get something to drink (Beverage of choice) and relax. Hopefully I haven't scared you away and we'll see ya tomorrow.   


Anonymous said...

yes it is true...if you want an opinion ask for one...but remember..if you want a ruber stamp ...ask the guy in the mirror what he thinks...had the big chrysler meeting... reps from the UAW were here...her we are a room ful of people who are about to make possibly the most important decision our lives...there they are...looking like a recieving line at a's like " well mr. Jackofall you have choices...would you like to be hit in the head with the steel pipe??or the baseball bat??and if the bat wood or big is the pipe??...2 inch,black iron...come on whats it going to be??...hmmm....who is swinging the pipe or bat, can i choose....No, we choose the swinger...we are presently in negotiations with that barry the steroid dude....hmmm...damn...Common whats it going to be???....hmmm well i guess the wood bat....
i hope i made the right choice?? these are not fair but they are all i got...damn...maybe the wood will splinter..thanks for the vine

Anonymous said...

So what did you decide?

Anonymous said...

to the anonymous inquiry....i took the wooden bat...i'm hoping it splinters on impact...hard head and all....that in layman terms means i am staying put..."i'm a magna man and i'm ok...i sleep all night and work all day....i like to build the tranfercase....and i hope they're here to stay"....thenks for the revine