Saturday, May 24, 2008

Justa cha,cha,cha, changing!


Cindy's family reunion is coming up on July the 4th weekend. Here is a picture of a lot of the relatives that will be there 100_0401

God willing of course. In this picture ages from early 20's to early 70's are

represented.There will probably upwards of 40 people total there.

Cindy has a big close knit family and it is always fun to get

together with them. This will be the first year we won't be on the grounds

of the campsite. We will be going back to our own cabin 8 miles to the 

north every night. The more things stay the same others change constant-

ly. That seems to be the story of our live's right now. C-h-a-n-g-e. I'm going

to be changing from not working for 15 months to working part time 5 days

a week.Cindy is changing her job at work from team leader into manage-

ment. We are going to moving 12 miles north of where we live know. The weather is changing from chilly to warm. So

here we go changing, changing, changing, I never have embraced change in the past. But right now it just seems so

natural. Hang on the way things change around here. If you miss even one day you've missed a lot. If you feel so

inclined Justa leave a comment below. Thanks again for stopping by.


Stephany said...

Hey Mark, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving an encouraging comment for me! have a great weekend, and don't forget to declutter that man basket from time to time LOL

Quinn said...

Reminds of my recent family gathering lol except with a lot more red wine hehe...hope you're well.
Quinn :)

Mark Krusen said...


I like your blog. I like to read about real people and everytime you post you are real and honest about how you feel. Thanks for stopping by.


Family gatherings are fun aren't they? It's always fun to get together and do the light hearted pick on each other thing.

preciousrock said...

Family reunions for me are, um, not so great. I go if I can but never go out of my way to take off work or travel to them. Many of my extended family are alcoholics and there is a lot of gossip, bitterness and backbiting in our family. Not a fun environment!

Get to work, Marky, and quit whining about it! Thanks for your encouraging comment during the wee hours of last night.

Mark Krusen said...

You don't do nothing easy do you? We have some members of the family that like to drink but they are lovable drunks. No arguing and stuff like that just good times and hangovers in the morning.LOL