Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Justa end to the Justa's ?

I'd like to apologize for yesterdays post. The cat was walking on the desk where I keep the keyboard when I was in bed. He must have stepped on the "Post to Blog" button. It was just a spoof post that I was working on and hadn't edited it yet. I now have a sign on the door (No cats allowed) that should stop that from happening again. Anyway enough business. I talked to my favorite daughter yesterday in Rochester. She had to take her hubby to the Airport as he's going out of town on business for a few days. I almost got put over to voice mail because I dared call her 3 times in one day. I finally got her to read my joke. Pretty pathetic aren't I? Tom, Good news about the J.O.B. huh? Maybe not the best situation for everyone giving away so much but still a job. I'm wondering about if I should end the Justa reference in my titles for each post, looking for some feedback from my reader(s). I'm Justa wondering. Hi Lenny. Hi any other lurkers out there.

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Anonymous said...

don't do it!! loose the justa would be like pam anderson getting a breast reduction...like jessie jackson having imus over for blackhistory month...like dick chaney taking a hunter safty corse...like roger clemmens opening up a health club...it would be just wrong...it is what seperates you from mediocrity...you are not justa nother blog you are the justa nother blog...everybody else...is justa...blog...
and yes there is light at the end of the tunnel...of corse it could just be a nuclear blast and the fall out will kill me but hey i'll take it...it gives us hope...and in this day and age that is all we can ask for...thanks for the vine