Sunday, February 10, 2008

Justa Dreamin and a Schemeing

Another Sunday. One day blends into the other any more. We are having the kids, Gary and his daughter Annie over for dinner tonight. Momma is cooking another kick butt crock pot meal. Roast Beef (all pulled apart) on Sandwich rolls, Spinach salad and Potato salad. Ummmmm. For dessert she made Chocolate Peanut Butter Sundae Pie. Am I living large or what? I just called my deadbeat sister Donna, She's been under the weather this weekend so I was gentle on her. Ha Ha. There are to many blogs out there. I have been reading and reading and reading some more. I'm amazed at people's ideas, and the drive and determination they have. I am no longer a "Blogger" I have a new title. "Web Publisher." is that impressive or what? I got my new title over at Problogger. net he has an awesome site and is also one of my favorite reads. See reading sites like this is why I'm not researching for this one so much. I'm still going strong though one of my long term goals is to have 100,000 readers a day on this. The JustaKrusen brand is going to be really big! lol. Just think Justakrusen underwear, Justakrusen travel and leisure, Justakrusen toliet paper, Justakrusen wine and sprits. You get the idea. Hey just like the Ny lottery, "You never know."

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Anonymous said... say i knew you back when you were nobody...when you just hung around the house and scratched yourself...soon you will be able hire to scratch you for you...ewww....that would have to be a hell of a salary...well the mighty MAGNA has come to terms with the mighty UAW...if it passes i will be employed for 4 more years...thats what sucks about matter how hard you mean holds only one will end, everything else is up to money back...
wow "justakrusen undies...and just where would your picture go...would you line up the nose with the escape there is a picture...hey he's lying....not enough justakrusen lager to wipe out that image.......hey how about a bobble head.....thanks for the vine