Thursday, February 14, 2008

Justa Heart throbbing day!

Well The big day is here. Another reason to go out and spend money. I don't like to be told what day to tell my honies I love her. I try to tell her everyday and I don't need Hallmark to help me. Roses are Red Violets are blue Hallmark ain't getting my money boo hoo hoo. image Photo by Riya 95 on Photo bucket

I'm still reading "48 days to the work you love" it's a very good read and I will post on some of the things I got out of it later. I Just don't read as much as I used to since I've been on line researching blogging quite a bit. I really do need to get a life. I zipped right through The Greg Norman book in a couple of days. Tom, If you want to read it let me know. It's a pretty good read. I almost bought some Greg Norman wine the other day when I was out because of it.

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jackofall58 said...

hey i'm still waitin on the justakrusen underoos...the thought of scratching myself with some sort of your likeness is just too much to ask for...i was thinking justakrusen toilet paper or even panty that would be a you would corner the market there...
yes it is valintines day and i did not wish my honey happy v day with my first morning breath...oops...i tell her i love her everyday...but she got me first today...damn...5:25am i yawn..she says happy valintines day, did you forget...honey i am not even sure where i am or if pam anderson is still here...and who the hell are you...yawn again..oxygen is now purging my brain just in time for me to know i am in deep doodoo...damn...well we had a great lover escape at the ramada last weekend...all was great...books ...sure i will try to read it...but just the oppisite of my exersise blood no interest....but hey that too will change....thanks for the vine