Friday, February 15, 2008

Justa another day in Paradise

image I am constantly amazed by the new things that Google comes up with. For Those of you that don't have a google account I highly recommend looking into it. I have a gmail account that is very easy to manage.

image Spring is just around the corner. Take heart it comes on March 21st. Just a little over a month to go, hang on. Can you tell I've found out how to put pictures on my post? Lol. I've been using "Windows Live Writer" to write these post. It is really user friendly and allows me to post right on to the blog.

image I'm getting ready to leave in a few minutes for another session at the Chiropractor. I'm going to go to the gym afterwards. See how much it has helped me? My left leg is bothering me a little today. I think it was a little to much using the snow blower the other day, but it had to be done.

 imageSorry for all these images. I'm just playing around to see how they look on the blog. It's like a new toy, once I get tired of playing around with it,I'll stop doing it so much.

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