Friday, February 15, 2008

Justa Work In Progress

I have a guest poster Assistant Working with me this afternoon. Perhaps you have heard of her that Great sage "Courtney" Aka, The Drama Queen. image She brings new meaning to the word Drama Queen. She also has a firm grip on the obvious. She must have gotten that from her dad. I'm staying here at my fantablious Uncle Mark and Aunt Cindy's. Watch out world tonite I, me, the DQ, is hitting the partaaa scene with friends. Every Friday is teen night and since I'm 12 going on 21 I get to go. Thanks Daddie. I am prepping for this prestigious event by chugging down some mountain dew. Do I know how to party or what?

                                                                            image This is how I look after a weekend of having the DQ over. Ha Ha. Just kidding. She has grown up pretty good in spite of her parenting. See Pete If you read this more,(Or at all) you would know when I was picking on you.image My Dad has to usually work every weekend so I am forced into the Prison like environment here at JustaKrusenvile. Uncle Mark thinks he's the boss and Aunt Cindy lets him go on thinking it. But we know!!! Thanx Uncle Dead Horse Beater for letting me be a guest poster.


imageIt's always nice having the DQ over and we're going to sign off this puter and go watch the boob tube now. Hmmm. did they name that after me?


Anonymous said...

wow the cort is in the house o-my god-o-my-god. sher and i are taking on another cleaning job in the am and one of my brood has car troubles...when wil;l it ever end...hey peter is smarter then you got the kid and he is enjoying a great sporting event...haven't seen pam anderson today but i keep lookin...maybe she will show up...ya right...well thats ok i have my baby and thats all i need....good luck with the guest bj ( blog jockey ) still at work nervous about wed. , the big contract vote...well thanks for the vine

Mark said...

Tom, calling Hockey a great sporting event is like calling Hillary a great candidate for President. It ain't happening.

mj said...

Hi Mark,
This your baking buddy next door! I will try this again and see if I can get it to work! Coutney is supposed to be a drama queen, she is the perfect age for that stuff. Don't be pickin on my potholder maker!!
Take care!

Mark said...

Marsha, You women all stick together no matter what age, don't you?

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'd go THAT far. Some women are just plain annoying, I know, I have worked with women my whole life! I've even been a supervisor of several for quite a few years! Women are emotional creatures, most of the time, therein lies the "drama queen" syndrome! Courtney will turn out to be a very kind and caring woman, thanks to you and Cindy!
Thanks for cleaning off my car!
Give Indy a smooch for me, he's such a cutie! MJ