Monday, February 11, 2008

Justa Kidding Around

I've been fortunate over the years to have been interviewed by a few agencies. Following is an interview I just gave to the W.A.R.N.A. (We Ain't Real News Agency) they asked some insightful (Or was that inspiteful?) questions that I wanted to share with my reader(s).
  • WARNA: Justakrusen is an interesting name, but could I call you Just for this interview?
  • Justakrusen: Yes, I'm easy. ha.ha.ha.
  • WARNA: hmmm. yeah I've read that about you in other interviews you've done. Anyway... How long have you been Justakrusen?
  • Justakrusen: Let's see now. Well, I haven't always been Justakrusen. I started out being a son,to my mom and dad and at the same time a brother to my sister and brother (1 each).
  • WARNA: Wow!
  • Justakrusen: Yeah, I know. Anyway, from there I went into school, Kindergarten on thru the years up untill beginning of my Junior year in School I was a student. I was average at best. I must have gone to about 8 or 9 different schools,as my father was in the Army and we moved alot. So I was called an Army Brat.
  • WARNA: This is some compelling stuff here. Our readers are going to go But Just I want to ask you." When did It hit you that you were JustaKrusen?''
  • Justakrusen: The beginning of my Junior year my Dad was getting ready to go over to Thailand for an assignment we couldn't go on so we were going to move again. Rather than move again I got the idea to go in the Army my self so at 17 years old I became a Soldier. I was in the army for 2 years, 9 months and 2 days (But, who was counting) where I was able to get out early to become a Reserve. I did that, then my life really took off and I got some more titles, Factory Rat, Golfer (Amateur, at best) Assistant Store Manager (Woooo) at Kinney Shoes, Rainbow vacuum cleaner salesman, An insurance salesman, (some where in here I became a husband for the first time) A Childcare worker, A truck driver (milkman), A motel manager, a truck driver (Over the road), an Owner Operator, a truck driver (fuel tank driver) and now after all these year of searching for who I am, I've discovered that I'm Justakrusen.
  • WARNA: (Wipes eyes) I have to say Just. This has been one of the most heart wrenching interviews that I've ever done. Your journey is truly an American success story. I read somewhere that you intend to market the name "Justakrusen" in the future, Is that something we at WARNA could jump on? There are many of our front line reporters that would like a Justakrusen T-Shirt.
  • Justakrusen: Well, we are still in the Beta stage of product development and won't be ready for some time for distribution. You'll be the first to know when it comes out. I want to thank you for this interview as I've had a hard time getting the word out on this site. It's time I got back to my meaningless meandering and musings of others on the Internet.
  • WARNA: No Just thank you for this interview. It's not often that we at WARNA get to conduct a self serving and useless interview as this on and we are grateful to you for the opportunity.


Anonymous said...

wow...can you say justa-pscysophrenic....hey sibble where the rest of the this rateyour head is going to run out of room...maybe you need justa- therapy session...but you know what i always say" hire the handykapped, they are fun to watch" thats insencitive...well this is definatly better than surfin porn...but just as creepy...thanks for the vine

ladyinred1953 said...

Hey Jackofall58... you know he laughed all the way thru this "interview". It is getting crowded in his head with and interviewer along with being the interviewee. Hey, nothing wrong with having fun. That is ??good news???with Magna issues- or not??
Hey Justa- you keep me smiling justaboutall the time! Thanks for your unending directions of thoughts.