Saturday, February 9, 2008

Justa Antagonizing The Boy!

It's the weekend.We went out for our Saturday morning breakfast. Cindy, myself, Shawn and Pat and Courtney. We almost had a basketball team. If your looking for somewhere to have a great breakfast at reasonable prices try Larkin's in down town Phoenix (as in Ny) If you get the pancakes you better get the short stack as they are hugeaaaaaa. Did you see where my whiny son was trying to make excuses for neglecting his step dad? We're going to go to the gym later today. Watch out it's almost a habit. Momma and I went out last night. Yeah, we went to Great Northern mall to Dunkin Donuts and people watched. Tell me I don't know how to have fun. I even got momma to buy the coffee. How bout that Debt Stimulus package that our Uncle is giving us. What are you going to do with your money? I think mine will just go into savings for when they want it back. You know that when Billary gets elected that our taxes will go up so might as well just save up for it.

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Anonymous said...

yep i'm lookin forward to billbammalary myself...can't mess up anyworse than goerge chaney...hell we are a colany of could pay off the national debt...there are no excuses...just priorities...yours are different from mine...well maybe not we both spend a lot of time on this blog site...but we talk more...or ...communcate son has his priorities games are not important to me but to him...don't call during counter strike...the better half and i are having a wonderful evening...9:00 and we are ready to crash...and sleep...getting old sucks but it is priorities... thanks for the vine