Thursday, May 22, 2008

Justa lazy day today!

100_0620You know how they say "If you ain't got nothin good to say your better off not saying nothin" well that's what I'm going to be doing today. This is just a short post to say good morning. I could go off on a rant on politics but I don't think that's what any of us need right now. We can get that 24/7 on cable T.V. There just isn't a lot going on for us right now. We are in a holding pattern waiting for the bank and G&I homes to negotiate to see if the deal is going to go through for the house.


I don't really want to fill up this post with a bunch of gibberish about that. I'll wait for the dust to settle then tell the story. Here is a quick hit on how we stand though:



  • We could go through and buy the new home as planned . This depends on other people.
  • We could work with Earl. Move the home we live in now onto the land Earl owns and go from there.
  • We could just sell our house to Earl. This would leave us no place to live. This may be an option though. We are wondering if just getting out and renting an apt or townhouse wouldn't be the way to go.
  • Or we could just end up staying here. This isn't so terrible we have lived here 17 years. Although the park is in disrepair,we take care of our place. We would just have to block out what we see when we drive out the back.

So there it is short and sweet. Maybe I'll have more to bring to the table tomorrow.

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Kelvin Oliver said...

Hey Mark! Been a good couple of weeks. I think I'll do like you and just relax and chill out. The summer is going nice and the days are a drag. However, it is good to get a break from everyone to regain strength. I see you have a cat in the picture. What is his or her name? Just wanted to stop bye and see what good has been going with you and the family and all that good living. Enjoy your day, buddy.

Mark Krusen said...

Thanks for dropping in. Nice day today. I've been doing some running around but over all nice day. The cats Name is Imus. I named him after Imus in the Morning.

Stan Cavers said...

Dearest Mark:

We can let Ms. Rock spell check me on this post. It's nice to see in such a functional CAT-O-TONIC State {smirk}. I knew those medications would eventually kick in and make you normal {laughing}. Now get up and go to work!!!!

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