Sunday, May 18, 2008

We're Justa so proud of the Boy!

100_1247 Cindy already posted on our day yesterday. Just reading about it made me tired again. I'm going to use a couple of pictures of the Graduation but I wanted to start out with this one. We are so proud of Jeff for his accomplishing his goal. The hard way that Jeff took to his dual major. He worked his butt off to work full time at Save A lot and go to school full time. He got his one major of Police Science then decided to pursue another major of Business. He again did this while working full time as an "officer of the law" on the night shift, running a demanding mowing business on the side,while at the same time remodeling the house that him and Amanda live in. There are other things he tossed in there too. Like breakfast with me from time to time,breakfast with other friends time with Justin his best friend and Mowing partner. But always there by his side is Amanda. It's because of and for Amanda that Jeff even went to Graduation. He wanted to just have the school mail him his diploma. Amanda insisted and Jeff agreed to attend. He admitted afterwards that he is glad he did it. Just like I have a Yang in Cindy at home. Jeff has Amanda. But remember guys just like Cindy and I, You guys are now decreed the title of Ying Yang. That's right your just a couple of YingYangs. Congratulation Jeff and Amanda on "Getting it done".

This picture is just before going in to the complex. He doesn't look like he has been tortured to bad. I think Jeff is reflecting on all the hard work he did to get here and he deserved the recognition of his accomplishments.At this point it looks like to me any way that Jeff is already thanking Amanda if not out loud yet, but with this look as if to say(to me anyway) Yeah I'm glad I'm here.100_1245This one I'm using just to have some fun with Jeff. Notice the cup of coffee in his hand. Does this just show that he is a cop or what. We had to stop at Dunkin Donuts on the way to the ceremony to get coffee. But you have to know we didn't get donuts we all had a bagel or a muffin. 100_1290

This last picture and the one I'm going to use to close this post with is one of the ones Cindy was able to get with him leaving. Notice the look. I think he, like those around him,is proud of his accomplishment as he well should be. I'm going to cut the post here as its 2:00 on a Sunday. I get to go back in and cuddle with Momma and get some more sleep.You can get all the info from our day from Momma's site over at her blog at Mrs Justakrusen check it out.


Quinn said...

The party wasn't that bad in the end. It seems so far my graduation, I'm due to start the first year of my three year university degree course in business management ... that day seems a long way away for me lol
Hope you are well today :)

ladyjane64 said...

And so you should be wearing your pride today for all the world to see. Jeff, if you're checking out this blog... I too am very proud of you and your accomplishments, and I'm glad to have been able to watch you grow into the fine young man that you have become,you are and will always be very special to me and if you don't see this blog, Mark would you please pass that on to him for me... thanks, and thanks again for sharing.

Mark Krusen said...


I told you the party wouldn't be that bad.Starting the Journey to a degree is awesome. Just think when you get there how satisfied you'll be.How much a feeling of accomplishment there will be.

Mark Krusen said...


Jeff is usually to busy to check out the blog. But his "Better" half does all the time. Hi Amanda. She is one of those "lurker people" but she does read it a lot. Yep we are proud of Jeff he is another one that grew up in spite of his parenting.LOL

Forest Parks said...

Wow what a determined young man!

Well done, it's amazing what can be achieved, and I complain about having to try and fir in ttime to post on an extra blog!

preciousrock said...

Dear Old Weary Mr. Krusen,

I read your lovely wife's post and it didn't make me tired. Have you taken too much Abilify today, or is it just old age? :-)

You should be very proud. Handsome boy, big accomplishments! I'm concerned though as it's just WRONG to go to Dunkin' Donuts and not get donuts -- even for a cop! Congratulations!

I'm not posting much this weekend or probably coming week as working lots of back to back shifts and am tired and cranky. :-( but had to visit my dear 2nd blog buddy who was so good to me in the absence of the ramblin' Stan the Man.

Take care, PreciousRock

Mark Krusen said...

PresiousRock, I know your busy thanks for taking the time to come over and say hi! I'm glad your my blogging buddy too.

Mark Krusen said...

Forest thankyou for stopping in and commenting also. I've read all the stuff you've got going on. I enjoyed your one comment over on Garry Conn's post and I agree whole heartedly.

Mark Krusen said...

Forrest thanks for commenting also. I know all the projects you have going so it means a lot. I like your latest post about the web sites you have going.