Friday, May 23, 2008

Justa moving on up!


Ok here is the scoop.

We are going to be able to go through with buying the house. We have to cough up another $3677.00 for an additional down payment.This will bring our total down payment to about $10,000 This will bring the numbers in line for the appraisal for the bank.The total cost of the package with the home on land will be $110,000 Cindy is taking a loan out on her 401k at work for the additional money needed. We have 5 years to pay it back at about $70.00 a month.We were tempted to just say the heck with it and just sell our trailer we live in now and move into an apartment or townhouse.

When we did a list of pro and cons,the Pros won.

So here we go. Back in the saddle for our move. Our holding pattern will be over. Full steam ahead. After this weekend we will be back to full steam packing again. It really is the best thing over all. We will be in a brand new home on 1 acre of land for about the same thing it is costing us here at the park.

Speaking of the park.100_0909

We just got some paperwork from the park with all the new rules and regulations. In them they want us to sign a lease. If you don't sign a lease you can go month to month but it will cost you an extra $45.00 per month. They want to charge $10.00 per month extra per pet. That would  be another $20.00 as we have Indy and Imus.These are just a few of the things that would bug me. Lot rent is only $300.00 per month so you know they are going to be raising that soon. It's just so time to get out of the park. That is one of the variables for us deciding to get the new home.

On the job for me front.

I have an interview tomorrow night at 7:00pm wish me luck. I feel pretty good about it. It will be nice to get back to work and get out of the house every day, even though it is only for four hours. It's a start anyway. She has some full time runs maybe I can transition into one of them some day. Maybe I'll find that four hrs a day is enough with everything else going on in my life.

The Bipolar seems to be most of the way at bay right now.

Taking 1/2 dose of the Abilify every 3rd day seems to keep me at a level I can manage most days. I took half of a dose last night so today ought to be a groggy day for me. I may have to take an extra nap. My knee is a little better but will never be all the way ok. I'm still 8 degrees from my leg going straight so this will be a permanent disability. At least I can still walk even though I'll have a pretty good limp now. I can get around Wally world if I hang on to the cart when I'm walking. I feel it if I walk to much though.


ladyjane64 said...

Looks like the clouds are starting to clear for you guys, like us. I'm very happy for you both you deserve it. I can't wait to see the new place. Have a great day, see ya tomorrow for pb & j.

Mark Krusen said...

Sandy thanks for chiming in. Things are looking up.It is busy time now. See ya on the morrow.

Quinn said...

I hope your knee doesn't play up too medication just knocks me out cold sometimes I've tried to just take a nap with it but it just doesn't work.
I'm really glad that you manage to find a nice place, me and my friend have found the perfect place and it is a great feeling to find a place of your own.

preciousrock said...

I'm glad you are getting the house. Mobile home parks can be a drag. I lived in one years ago. I am now, and have been for many years, an apartment dweller. Apartments definitely have drawbacks. At my complex two cats would cost you a $500 deposit plus an extra $200 per month. Of course, you might enjoy the added bonus of the sound effects of a promiscuous young female living downstairs like I do. Need I say more? ;-)

Mark Krusen said...

Preciousrock,(There I spelled it right)The park used to be quite nice and the house has always been really well insulated from outside noise. In fact we can't here each other to talk to from only a room a way in here now. In recent years the park has settled in to an Anarchy type environment where everyone pretty much does what they want.

In that aspect it will be nice to get out on our own little slice of heaven. We came real close to just saying the heck with it and folding up our tent and getting an apartment me. It's was that fear of getting a neighbor like you that scared us straight, and convinced us to go ahead with the new home. You know I'm kidding. Living next door to a crazy neighbor like you would have been fun. Not only that we could have compared our "baskets" LOL. Hope you enjoy the holiday weekend. Thanks for stopping by. I'm am starting to ramble on just like Stan. Damn is he a bad influence.