Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Not justa nother basket!

Not just another basket

No this is not just any basket. This is the "man basket" it has replaced the small overstuffed100_1320 glass bowl. See what you have started Amanda. This is going to become a world wide phenomena. Women every where are going to be coming up missing their bread baskets. Fox news will be breaking in with "breaking news" Where in the world are the bread baskets disappearing to? Hell I bet even Greata Van Sustren will have a weeks worth of coverage on it. Amanda my daughter in law started this by taking a picture of my "Man bowl" on Sunday. I blogged about it and it took on a life of its own even my blogging buddy Presiousrock on her blog One Bipolar Life got in on the act. She posted a whole blog on using baskets instead of glass bowls.Check out my comment to her in her comment section. She even set one up for her son. (Look what you have started Amanda) I must admit. My "man basket" is much neater and presents itself better in a picture than the "man bowl" did. Thanks Amanda and Presiousrock.Wife's of the world. Sorry about that.

Speaking of baskets

Mr. Obama just about has the nomination in his shopping basket doesn't he? The old wicked witch of the east just will not die gracefully. Soon she will have to admit defeat and go away quietly into the sunset. Her and Bill riding off into the sunset on a jackass. Hopefully never to be heard from again. But I know that's a pipe dream. A reasonable person can hope can't they. Speaking of stinking up the joint... My beloved Yankees are playing like a bunch of losers. Heck I even tried wearing the same Yankee sweatshirt for two days in a row. Nothing seems to be working. We want Joe, We want Joe, We want Joe.

On my job front.

Things are looking up with that. My lawyer says it would be ok for me to take the part time job I'm looking into. It would qualify me for reduced earnings from Workman's Compensation until we went to a hearing to determine the out come of my case I would make a little more money than I have been I'll keep you informed of that.

I missed my Chiropractor appointment on Monday.

It was supposed to be Monday morning at 10:30, so around 3:30 in the afternoon I get a call from my Chiropractor informing me I had missed the appointment.(Can you say embarrassed?)I had forgotten to put it on my calendar of appointments. We rescheduled for today I should go down there and sleep in the car tonight just to be there on time. I hate when that happens. I'm probably the only one that has ever done this. None of you has ever missed a Dr's appt have you?


preciousrock said...

Dearest Mark,

Yes, I've missed a doctor's appt before and it is embarrassing, not to mention costly. Love your new "man basket". It truly is neater and more presentable than the bowl -- plus we can't see all your worldy goods through the sides now.

On another note, I have a quote from Stan the Man on my blog for you. "Tell Mark I think Man Baskets are a crock, unmanly, and it’s just one step away from wearing a thong, shaving his legs, and having PMS {laughing}. Though in saying that, I can certainly envision underwater basket weaving in his future as a vocational alternative and option{smirk}." I'm sorry he is so hateful. I really think this is just jealousy rearing it's ugly head!!

preciousrock said...

My darling blog buddy,

Whinning has only one "n" and Presiousrock should be Preciousrock. I won't pick the whole article or blog apart as I could be here all year, lol. If you want to pay an editor when you get that part-time job, here I am, but I don't come cheap! Hope you get the deal figured out with that new home soon!

Mark Krusen said...


Do you notice the times I am posting these articles of Bs? You think it is easy to type and spell with ones head up there a--. When the book deal becomes final I will insist on you as the editor. I always share the wealth with my friends.

Speaking of friends. I think if the truth be known my blogging buddy Stan has a fanny pack. Is this not worse than a "man basket"? I may come over and defend my self but then again Stan is very unstable. I don't want him to hit me with his fanny pack!!!

Quinn said...

I feel little silly missing appointments, I have to drive from one end of the city to another to get to the doctors (because I moved in with a friend mid-term) it is absolutely impossible to make it on time in London in the morning traffic.
I'd suppose we'll have a rising trends in man bowls lol is the bedside table not sufficient modern day man anymore :) lol

preciousrock said...

lol, stop whining!

Mark Krusen said...

Quinn, the bedside table is to far into the house. The need to discard the wallet, keys, and pocket change is just to immediate to last all the way into the bedroom.

Stan Cavers said...

Dearest Mark with his head up his ___:

So did you transfer your items from your man purse, to your man bowl, and now to your man basket?

Have you ever considered relocating to San Francisco {Smirk}? I’m honestly a little worried you’ll be posting pictures of yourself in a man bra next {busting a gut laughing}.

I do happen to use a manly backpack to carry around my AK47, and other necessary items bipolar needs to have available in dealing with this dumbed down to a third grade spelling level/educational twisted society {smirk}.

just remember that missed appointments are good brain circulation check Mark. I do know all the important stuff I have to do must go on the calendar ASAP or its dust.

As for your Hug buddy and hero; Obama Bin Laden with cash from the pharmaceutical industry, and with every pinko liberal communist anarchist anti American reverse racist supporter behind him; he appears pretty safe in his nomination road by the dumocrats. Of course on the plus and bright side of this picture; he'll lose in the general election by 20 or more percentage points to McCain. Especially now his true colors have been shown openly even with the general press and network news trying like heck to keep those dirty little stories/secrets buried as deep as they can and still maintain readers or viewers with an IQ’s above 70; he's about as popular as man baskets at this point and time {laughing}.

Now as for your spelling problem with PreciousRock; just call her that “mean person” after all those demeaning comments she has been making about sweet, caring, and loving me.

I’m so heartbroken that your Yankee Hanky is getting used so much lately. Maybe I can get you a Dodger Blue Fan T-shirt to improve your spirits {laughing}.

I guess that’s about it for now, this back to work deal has me a little tuckered out when I get home. So until I’m adjusted and get into a regular schedule I figure my post won’t be quite as long and ranting as usual.

Good luck with your new job, and hope your spirits have improved with the medication roulette you have been going through.

Your blog Buddy:

preciousrock said...

My Darling Most Loveable (gag!) Stan the Man,

I will be going after your spelling and grammar next. Count on it!!

Mark Krusen said...


Me in a man bra? That would be like Orca the killer whale in a tutu!!

As to your claiming to carry an Ak47 in your fanny pack. A tiny water pistol is hardly a weapon of mass destruction.

And the only thing good about having Osama Bin Oboma winning the Dumocratic nomination is that I don't have to listen to Billary everyday.Oh she'll put in her $0.02 but that's all.McCain is a closet Dumocrat so it doesn't much matter. Maybe Ronald Reagan will rise from the dead.(Where is that bottle of Viagra)

I'm worried about my back to work thingy making me tired too. But it's going to be a good tired. 4 hrs a day is nothing compared to the 16+ I did as a truck driver.

Keep on keeping on. Stay in touch as I know you will. In a battle of wits with you. I am truly unarmed! LOL

Mark Krusen said...


(I can't misspell "Precious" this way)Stan the man needs to be edited. Not only in spelling and grammar but in his malicious attacks on my character.

Forest Parks said...

The basket, suits you perfectly!

I have been eyeing up a big yellow skip that has been on my street for a while. Just need to empty it out and drag it into the house. Should just about fit all my crap!!