Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm Justa bowled over!

Ok Amanda here is your post on "man bowls" This is my little slice of the counter at home. This bowl is for my wallet, keys, cell phone100_1318, a couple of pens and whatever else I can jam in there.

I've been over to Jeff's and Amanda's house and Jeff has had various bowls of size and color. I'm a rookie in bowl using. Jeff is the expert. I'm holding out for a bigger bowl when we move. Maybe I can even have one with a top on it. Maybe I can even get one for a house warming gift. Hint! Hint!

If you'll humor me I have another picture of Jeff and Justin that Cindy and I were able to capture at Home Depot on Sunday. I think you'll be able to tell which one is Jeff. Notice the cup of coffee. I think maybe it's time to cut back on the100_1310 coffee Officer Slater. The heart burn will burn a hole

in your stomach. This is a picture of the boys with their supplies for yet another project. I think this is for Jeff to finish his decking project. Speaking of Home depot. I have a couple of buddies that are working there in the wood section. We went in there to pick on them. I was going to tell Norm that I wanted him to price me out a 40ft by 40ft deck and hand pick all the pieces. What do you think my chances were of that happening? We were also checking out the John Deere riding mowers as we are going to have a touch over an acre to mow. We are going to wait till the last week or so before we move in to get it.

Momma did an awesome post on our Landscaping adventures. If you have time you gotta check it out. It's one of her better post again. Maybe I ought to just quit blogging and let Momma take over both of the blogs. Hmmmm. Check out her blog post Here.


Jazz said...

OMG! I have a man bowl, and I'm not even a man! My hubby is always complaining about it overflowing onto the counter. Of course, he has a rather large man basket, much bigger than my bowl, so I don't feel bad.

Anonymous said...

wow...i am not sure you should be checkin out norm's least don't admit it dry wall is ok ....stop complaining about the glad you have one...all i have is a styrafome humiliating is that...jeff is still a bowl will be the first thing to go..." o jeff i need room on counter for this doilly..." bam say bye bye should check the garage sales...i always see tractors...but hey if you can score a new law...never alow your self to get between a man and a new go big guy...have sis call me i'll back you up...and remember if you are attractive on the out one will relize you are rotten to the core...thanks for the vine

Mark Krusen said...


Did you say a large man "basket". I have to renegotiate my contract. I want a man basket. I can see a whole new business coming out of this. I wonder if Wally world will carry it. Hmmmmmm.

Mark Krusen said...

Tom, You wiley coyote you. Accusing me of checking out Norm's wood. Only a sick twisted freak would make that reference. Now the whole world knows you are a sick twisted freak, not just family.LOL

Tom, You need a Man bowl. Not a man plate. I will call Sheri and put a good word in for you.

Forest Parks said...

This is much easier if your man bowl is plastic... simply drill a hole in either side near the top and thread a string through the holes.

Now you can carry your man bowl with you wherever you go.... this is priceless information, expect to see similar man bowls retailing for $100's!!

Mark Krusen said...

Thats what I like about you Forest your always so practical.

Quinn said...

That's is one mighty bowl! My friend keeps lots of things in pockets like that.
I read about your interesting little fact about the lottery ticket and driving.
Hows is the job lead going? I know it's very hard to concentrate and remember sometimes but it gets a little better as you progress through the day.

Mark Krusen said...

Quinn, The job is still a possibility. The owner of the company and I talked today. I have to meet with her Friday or Saturday.Then check with my lawyer and the workmen's comp people.

preciousrock said...

Dear Blog Buddy,

Man bowls are a great idea, but you clearly need a larger one and your bowl should be a basket so we don't have to see the "mess". I'll be watching to see you post a photo of the improvement in your situation soon! :-)

I never realized it, but I have woman baskets all over the house. Two big ones -- one at the front door to collect all the shoes that I throw off the minute I walk through the door and my "junk" shoes, one by the computer for all the paperwork I'm too lazy to file or need to have handy always, and a middle-sized one in the kitchen for all that "loose junk" similar to what you have in your man bowl.

I'm glad you posted this because I didn't realize I had been using the concept of man bowls and I now realize that I need to get one for my son because he is littering my apartment with all his little crap. I just went to find a small basket for him, but I need to implement something larger soon. He's sleeping now so he'll wake up to find out he has a "man basket". ;)

Mark Krusen said...

It's official if Presiourock says I need a man basket I'm holding out for a big ole basket. Wish me luck. This could be a line in the sand kind of moment in Justakrusenville. Stay tuned to "As the man bowl turns"