Saturday, January 19, 2008

Justa Jaguar

A pretty good day today. Just got back from getting groceries and it's starting to snow. We had my 5Th favorite niece aka Drama Queen stay over last night. She also goes by the name of Courtney. She gets some editorial credit for the title, more about that in a minute. Went out to breakfast with the Mayor and his wife every where we go in town he knows people ergo name of Mayor. I can't believe the grief I take from him(See if I vote for you next year) You would think since I'm the only friend he has he would treat me better? We just bought a new(to us) puter. A reconditioned Compaq SR 2163 Compaq. It has Vista already installed and is about 10 times more powerful than our 1998 Compaq Presario 5032 with windows 98. After this post the CFO(Momma) and I are going to try to set it up. So It might be a couple of months before I can post again. lol. Now about the title. We were in our car taking Courtney home talking about the ride we had in Jeff's new to him car, and Courtney said"Is it a Jaguar" We laughed, it's a really nice car but it's a Chevy Impala. Out of the mouth of Babes. Speaking of babes, I talked to my most favorite sister Donna last night(don't tell her she's my only sister) Her poor husband Steve deserves a medal. I think you guys have been married about 50 years or so haven't you? Wish us luck here we go with the new one.

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