Friday, January 18, 2008

Justa munchin and a crunchin

So we went to lunch today. Jeff thinks I'm the scum of the earth for keeping track of my money and putting it on here.(I put this comment on to make Jeff mad, don't tell him when you read this Amanda. I put it in Red so he couldn't see it.) We went to the Super King buffet and I did some major piggginngg out. If you leave there hungry it's your fault. 3 of us ate for $24.68 plus a $4.00 tip. We've been spending some major coin eating out if you've been following along. I didn't go to my massage today Montezumas revenge hit me, enough said. I'm iching to get a new computer as this one is like using an abacus. I knowwww I knooooo if we would stop eating out we could get one. (calling all rich relatives)

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