Thursday, January 17, 2008

Justa wishful thinking

Going out to eat again. Yep that seems to be a theme. Thursday momma, Jeff and I are going out to lunch then Saturday were going out with Shawn and Pat. For close up view of Shawn see picture on Jan 12Th posting.(See Shawn, I don't get mad...). We heard the recession is coming so we want to stave it off. We'll start stopping(can you do that?) eating out Sunday. Yeah sure on my way to the gym right? I added a new link in my blogs to read "Life on the Road" . a great site if your thinking of getting into trucking, or already in it and need a source for lots of info. There are times where I miss being on the road you can't help it after 34 years but it only last for a few seconds. I enjoy reading about others experiences now. Both Cindy and I spent no money today. Kind of burnt out this afternoon, I think I need a break. Maybe Florida or something like that. Maybe one of my kids will read this and send us to the sunny south for Christmas next year. (Holds breath).

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